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  1. That's a very generous rewriting of history. There were no transfer rumours or speculation, nor were there any contract talks, that was the problem (as far as he was concerned) he threw his toys out the pram and refused to play
  2. I'm sure the commentary said he had an injury, I didn't realise anyone thought otherwise
  3. It's not stifling opinion, it's maybe stifling arrogant, idiotic nonsense like "we've blown a golden chance of promotion two seasons on the trot"
  4. The problem there is that 2 of those 3 clubs are still down here!
  5. Maybe I'm still a bit numb but I just can't bring myself to care. Situations as intense as taking a pen in a playoff are rare. He's been brought in to score goals in the league, he's proven he is one of the best around at It, lets judge him on that. The singling out of a player is wrong and inexcusable really, despite how tough it must be to have a microphone shoved in your face so quickly after an event like that. And I say that as someone who hopes CC stays.
  6. The fact it was his former club has exactly 0% to do with it, at least I bloody well hope it is or we really do need to worry
  7. 50% of teams that draw the 1st leg, have a 100% record of qualification
  8. I’d like four glitter explosions. Twelve puff flashes. So the sequence should be puff, flash, puff, flash, bang. Well basically, can I have a condensed Pink Floyd concert for £500?
  9. And STILL the point is completely missed It's got nothing to do with being right or wrong, everyone calls stuff wrong. It's about not being a gutless, fickle, disloyal fanny that changes opinion after every flipping single game of football.
  10. Reading some of these posts says to me the exact same thing will happen again the next time we go on an iffy run of 4 or 5 games, so all the 'confessions' are a complete waste of time. Some people like to live in a sane world where a manager gets judged over more than 6 games and others clearly don't.
  11. Hi mate, welcome, i'm in Mission Bay, moved over last January Getting up for games is a pain but you get used to it, last season the games were on sky sports but this season they've been moved to BEIN sports which you have to pay (extra) for and it's only games that are televised in the UK, I haven't bothered with it this year and just found streams. There are some great venues in the city to watch live sport but i've not tried an early morning game Happy to go for a beer or watch playoffs with fellow owls fans! I'm just about to start a new job and the first thing I'm going to do is book the Tuesday 30th May off (if it's looking good by then)
  12. I'll be completely honest, I can't be arsed to read all that, I don't really care enough I thought the argument was could Messi see himself having as much success in Argentina by staying there hence the looking at the team at the time but I don't even know anymore and this is quite a thread derailment
  13. The point was about Messi and loyalty with regards to staying in Argentina and playing for your country so quite what the fact of where the current squad plays it's football has to do with anything I have absolutely no idea. When Messi was a lad the Argentina squads were full of no more than a handful that had never played in Europe, mostly in Italy or Spain. I don't really understand the point about not making it there either, you could name the top 25 Argie players ever and they would all have played in europe and most would have made their name there.
  14. Even when we release a striped kit people moan about the number of stripes, thickness and what colour the central stripe is blah blah blah if it was up to some we would just never change it and that would get boring. The fact we have had similar kits and badge before in our history make the argument that our chairman is messing with our tradition null and void. Also, something which hasn't been talked about is that we will be making our own kit, I think this is great news personally, i've been wanting us to do this for years.