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  1. Viz top tip for I Follow

    There's a rewind button, I just use that
  2. Stick with the diamond!

    You can't be serious!?
  3. Steve Bruce OUT

    This post says it all, classic knee jerking. We have blown our chance and Sunderland, Cardiff and Wolves are in with a shout of promotion after 2/3 games. A big chunk of what I hate about modern football and fans.
  4. I don't live in the UK and i've just looked at the fixture list, why are 90% of our games on Sunday!?!? This is going to ruin me with the time difference, if I had known, I wouldn't have got iFollow for the season
  5. Owlstalk history

    It may not have been bigger but I think last week wanting a manager out after a friendly is a new low, even I thought this place wasn't capable of sinking to that.
  6. iFollow

    Am I reading this correctly!? You are letting everyone know how to save 10p?
  7. iFollow

    I'm signed up and I usually get up at 2/4am just to watch soccer Saturday so I'm loving this set the alarm!!
  8. johan djourou

    Things are worse than I could ever have imagined...the club is doing what the fans want!?!
  9. Steering

    What we have here is proof that people just love to moan, they will moan whatever happens and deep down love doing it. You've been caught out big ron's sovereign, just move on Incredibly tedious for everyone else.
  10. What on earth are you going on about? We sign Forrestieri for £3m, we pay Watford monthly instalments of say 62.5k over 4 years, this is shown in the accounts as 750k a year.
  11. That's a very generous rewriting of history. There were no transfer rumours or speculation, nor were there any contract talks, that was the problem (as far as he was concerned) he threw his toys out the pram and refused to play
  12. Fletcher Injury

    I'm sure the commentary said he had an injury, I didn't realise anyone thought otherwise
  13. Gordon Watson

    It's not stifling opinion, it's maybe stifling arrogant, idiotic nonsense like "we've blown a golden chance of promotion two seasons on the trot"
  14. Gordon Watson

    The problem there is that 2 of those 3 clubs are still down here!
  15. Maybe I'm still a bit numb but I just can't bring myself to care. Situations as intense as taking a pen in a playoff are rare. He's been brought in to score goals in the league, he's proven he is one of the best around at It, lets judge him on that. The singling out of a player is wrong and inexcusable really, despite how tough it must be to have a microphone shoved in your face so quickly after an event like that. And I say that as someone who hopes CC stays.