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  1. Pointless debating with someone like you, looking back at things without any context whatsoever and making stuff up. Where did I say Megson is the only one who deserves credit? The reason we finished further away from the playoffs in his first season is because we were on a absolutely dire run of form and a long long overdue sacking of the previous manager, confidence was rock bottom, it was big slide. I will try and explain my point (again) more clearly for you. Regardless of budget and looking at purely on-field performances, getting a team playing like we did under Irvine to a team challenging at the top the very next season was a superb achievement. The clubs I listed all would have had top end budgets for the league they are/were in and still haven't recovered.
  2. Some people have amazingly short memories,highest budget, 2nd highest budget, 3rd highest really doesn't matter, to go from watching what I watched at the end of the Irvine reign to competing for promotion the very next season is an incredible achievement, we were 100% on our arses. Just ask Villa/Pompey/Charlton/Bolton/Grimsby fans how easy it is to stop the rot.
  3. Interesting (or maybe not) that the commercial revenue hasnt increased that much, thought it would be more. Interesting in that having Chansiri plastered everywhere seems to have divided opinion (I have no thoughts either way on that)
  4. It's the short-termism I can't handle, I guess that's just the way the world is now though unfortunately. A player has a handful of good games and he is worth 20 million, a handful of bad games and he is useless When we support a club like ours though, given what we have been through the last 20 years it's even more distasteful You would have hoped we would be capable of looking at the big picture
  5. Well yes, that's what I said. The whole thread is about China buying up players isn't it!?
  6. There's a foreigner cap in China isn't there? If so this is not something we will have to worry about for another 20 years, if at all
  7. Come on to read about new signing...has to read pages of people having a ***** fight and who negged who, nothing changes FFS You all realise negs make as much difference to your lives as a facebook like? Ie. flip all
  8. That's testicles fella, there isn't a single manager in the football league that has done a better job than Rowett. (Not that I would swap him for Carlos)
  9. Get rid asap he should never play for us again but we shouldn't (and I don't think we will) sell to a Championship rival. Development squad until we agree a fee with a Prem or foreign club, even if it takes until January and even if it's less money.
  10. We are expected to make a £9m profit, so right or wrong, who cares? Let's all laugh at L**ds
  11. Take Chelsea out and I agree, whatever anyone thinks of them they are now a huge club by any definition Always liked Villa, decent fans, decent club
  12. Take Chelsea out and I agree, whatever anyone thinks of them they are now a huge club by any definition Always liked Villa, decent fans, decent club
  13. FFP

    I think for our spending last summer to be labelled as not extravagant shows just how far football has really lost control. If you ignore every other clubs spending in this this division and look at us in isolation, we spent a huge amount for a club with no parachute payments. It wasnt that long ago we were on our arse losing millions every year with a squad containing James O Connor and Tommy Spurr as regular starters.
  14. I'll be honest, I don't see anything too outrageous with what Sgt Wednesday is saying tbh I'm not defending the prices but i'm a bit surprised someone with 4 kids and no job could afford to go to football even before the prices went up, like he says, its a luxury these days and has been since Sky got involved (kids tickets should be no more than a fiver/tenner though) If there is a reason for the unemployment is there not help available both through the club and Wednesdayite in any case?