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  1. Pretty sure you brought up the 50 year period.
  2. Out of the blue & white striped band of Brothers,, only West Brom rival us for club size and a genuine blue & white striped history (with least interruptions)
  3. 86 pages indicates other wise.
  4. The apathy toward Chansiri changing our kit to be all blue, caught me by surprise too. I think many thought it would be a one season affair, and folk definitely thought it wouldn't be repeated for our 150th year. Chansiri wouldn't put the queston to season ticket holders/members in a poll, because he knows what the result would be. He's gone ahead and done it anyway. Bit dramatic the worse day in 40s years, but i know where he's coming from.
  5. I smell horsesh1te. You've just made that up. I've never heard a single Wednesday fan in my 36 of going, state that they would prefer us in an all blue kit.
  6. Blue???? Why on earth are you bothered about the colour, it'e only a friggin football shirt, not worth getting all worked out about the colour chuffin scheme. I couldn't gibe 2 kahoots about the colour. Get a grip West Its just a football shirt - who cares what colour it is.
  7. Just imagine:
  8. At least we nearly agree on something, DC has come up with something new for HIMSELF, based on his preference. This kit has nothing to do with our anniversary. Using our anniversary is shameful IMO. Showing total lack of respect for the club & fans. My shoes won't be coming off in the car park, but I've lost respect for Chansiri, no transfer fee, no matter how big, will change that for me.
  9. Jesus Christ, it's not me that forgotten, that why I started from 1890. We adopted a Blue and White striped/hooped kit 1875, switching from hoop to stripes, in 1890. If any person (without an agenda) was genuinely picking our Anniversary kit, they would have picked one of the earlier variations (like the pigs & other clubs have done). It's not hard, any reasoned person looking at our history would have picked the hoops for our 150th, or one from out title winning years. Chansiri has taken us for fools.
  10. Because unless you know anything different 1890 appears to be the 1st known time we played in blue and white vertical stripes.
  11. It is gonads. I respect the few on hear that honestly say they're not bothered about our kit design, as long as its Blue & White. I don't agree but each to their own. It's the ones, that try and rewrite history claiming that Blue & White Stripes aren't a MASSIVE part of our identity. The ones that claim that ONE bad all blue bodied kit (65-72), somehow cancels out our Blue & White Striped identity, going back to the 19th century. Utter Gonads.
  12. We don't have a tradition of varying our shirt design away from blue and white stripes. Like all Striped/Hooped teams (inc Celtic) width have varied. Only TWO kits since 1890 years completely did away with clearly visible blue and white stripes- : last seasons and the 1965-72 * the 1995 kit pushed it to the limit IMO. You can't simply rewrite our history. I realize, you've added in the evenly (not sure why). But here are our kits over the last 50 years, prior to CC. Despite the rubbish spouted on here, there is no fine history of deviating away from Blue & White stripes, just the very odd feck up - being used to justify CCs desire to get rid of stripes.
  13. It's blue & white stripes. Wouldnt want orange & pink stripes, or any other combo. Blue & white stripes. Simple. Celtic are hoops, green & white hoops.
  14. You've come on a thread, discussing kits, telling us all its boring discussing kits? Can you see why you've made yourself look like a ***? I've no interest in Morris Dancing, therefore I don't visit Morris dancing forums.
  15. Don't enter the thread, simpleton. It's not hard. What did you expect to be discussed in this thread, 16th century poetry?