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  1. A few years ago, I was mad on Wednesday, every single penny I had went on Wednesday. This was when I was a kid and had no money and relied on parents to help out, they bought my £9 ticket on the kop, or I'd tell them it was £9 still, but in fact it "quid a kid" against QPR and I would revel in the extra spends at the match. Or have an extra couple of pound that I could get a sneaky little bet on at the William HIll on Southey. But I'm 27 now, and everything is football is still changing, and our football club is in massive change on and off the pitch. I am glad Wednesday are finally looking to get back in the Premier League, but we seem to have lost our identity. The shirt we wear has no stripes, we have Chansiri on our shirts, around the stadium and less and less of Sheffield Wednesday and more and more of Chansiri. He has changed our badge, the shirt, ticket prices and all without very much input or throught from our fans and feel as if, perhaps the club is less and less about the fans. This isn't just a Wednesday thing, but also football in general. I see footballers getting done for bad things, fraud, rape and much more. I see footballers have religious and homophobic rants on Twitter and Facebook. I don't particularly want to support or watch these individuals. Look at Sheffield United, I had loads of respect for them this season, they went about going up the right way, scoring goals and targeting automatic, then they spoil themselves by re-signing Ched Evans, I am utterly disgusted that they have done it. Regardless of the quashed verdict. Sadly, there is more in football, than just football itself. Everything is about respect, diversity, fairness and history and I don't see it that much in football. Therefore these days, I am more put off by football everyday.
  2. Regardless of whether he stays or goes, he's dividing the fans and that is no good.
  3. No thanks. The bloke is so arrogant it's unreal, we've enough arrogant players without one as a manager too.
  4. I don't even know if Adam is out of contract? I was talking to a Stoke fan weeks ago and he says he has been one of their better players.
  5. We need to get rid of players that are completely out of the side. That includes the very obvious. This also includes Dave. It actually embarrasses me that he is still a Wednesday player, he is barely a League One player, never mind Championship. think what we need is more width, new central defender and left back. I am not fully convinced on Hunt either.
  6. First Carlos topic of the hour.
  7. It would be amazing if we went up in our 150th year. But you talk about being near the bottom of the PL. Let's be fair, apart from 7 places places in that league, anyone can finish absolutely anywhere.
  8. I posted about this & thought that the attendance fell short of what it should have been even with restrictions in place. There was a few empties around me in the Grandstand too.
  9. I have seen Reach a few times and sometimes he is absolutely pathetic and sometimes the reason why we win the game. But £5m is quite steep for what we have seen. But Jordan Rhodes, he's in another league to Reach. We have spent £10m on him and have seen absolutely nothing. I understand the penalty thing and then worry about it, if he can't kick a ball from a few yards, then what can he do? I feel the fact that he joined in January and is potentially not fully match fit, is the reason why we give him until next season. If he is not banging in the goals, then you can probably see why M'boro let him go.
  10. Feel so sorry for fans like OP. Everytime we lose a big game, you just going to post this? So we can look at where we was. Yesterday was unacceptable & we have every right to moan. So don't come and push media articles from years ago.
  11. I'd rather have paid the money.
  12. It was Carlos who cost us our Wembley place last night. No bugger else. "What I do? Dave get thi jacket off"
  13. This reduced capacity has probably cost the club millions. Sad.
  14. Calm down on lactolose mate
  15. 1800 NW corner 2000 LL must have been 500+ in north from what I could see few hundred in around poles on kop, before the empty blocks