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  1. I get the feeling the top two will get less points than the last top two. However, don't see how we get 30 wins or close with Carlos in charge.
  2. Leaving Carlos out is correct, he's probably not even top 20. Gary Monk has to questionable though? He left Swansea in freefall and Leeds still failed by finishing 7th.
  3. I've never been one of these Wednesday fans that have been mad about derbies or get upset, lose sleep and so on because you've lost to United. I used to think regardless of never really wanting to lose to them, that this city needs two clubs doing well.But how they dealt with the Ched Evans saga all those years ago really peed me off. So, I was like let them have their time down there for a couple of season, never thought it would be 6 (?) seasons down there. So, last season went along and I was like, yeah let them come up now, this city needs two clubs doing well. The way they went about it gave me a little respect for them, they won the league and got to 100 points. But to re-sign Ched Evans after what the guy has done or not done, is just so morally wrong. Yes, his conviction has been quashed, but he did bad things that night and his bad things, whilst being morally wrong, has also cost United millions after it cost them promotion. How on earth can a club re-sign a player who has done something morally unaccaptable and that has cost the club a fortune. Has the club got no self respect and no respect for its fans after what the lad has done. Therefore, I would love to take 6 points off them and see them go back down. What a god awful thing to do.
  4. Here is a thought for you. If we get to the Premier League and an offer comes in from any of the top 7, in fact probably include the likes of West Ham, Everton and Newcastle too, they'll be off. Selling club or not, any human being wants to do better, and if they think they can get to those clubs, they'll be off and I don't blame em'. Stop being so short sighted.
  5. Sadly, something needs to happen in midfield sharpish, our midfield is far too central in my eyes and I am fed up of seeing the ball go backwards of sideways, it can not continue. But also, I do think the strikers do need to adapt too. But I also have a stinking feeling that Rhodes might be the worst buy we have made in recent history, he has been truly poor and the lad doesn't even want to kick the ball from a few yards out. I am really worried for Rhodes and us. FF, Bannan, Whelan and a very decent right winger and I think we have something. ALong with a decent bench with Hutch and Wallace, etc.
  6. Glenn Whelan would be a huge signing for us, if of course he doesn't have any Premier League suitors. He is a midfielder who is experienced, can get the ball down and pass it. A lot better option to what we have now. My only reservation to this is that we already have too many central midfielders.
  7. We could have twenty top strikers & if the tactics continue to be as appalling as they currently are, then we will struggle to score goals.
  8. Some of our fans need a reality check.
  9. We could sign Costa & Kane and still not get out of this league with our current tactics.
  10. Some other clubs in this league must really laugh their knackers off at us. The amount of players we have in our team that are not even Championship standard is a complete joke. Big Dave, Semedo, Sasso, Mcgugan, Joao, Matias & more. Honestly, just let them go.
  11. We can sign who we want, but if the tactics and negativity continues into next season, then we will have absolutely no chance of automatic promotion. It would be fair to say that we do need some improvement, but don't tell me that the strike force and attacking talent available to us at this present time isn't good enough. Fletcher, Hooper, Winnall, FF & Rhodes. They just aren't getting the service to score and the tactics aren't good enough. That ball needs to go fowards more time than backwards, and we shouldn't be sitting one 1 goal leads or happy with a point away from home.
  12. It's quite funny to see our fans calling out other clubs and matches as drab, when we are the king of drab. Hull game - drab huddersfield game 1- very drab Huddersfield game 2 - drab Carlos the drabber
  13. The play-offs are the games that the average football fan lives for, just like your cup QF,SF and finals. The anticipation, excitement, misery and pain, that is what football is all about. Everyone knows the rules, I am sure teams have missed out when 3rd and won them with 6th. But the whole race for play-offs was giving me life this year.
  14. Why on earth has someone negged you for just asking if people are watching the match?
  15. A few years ago, I was mad on Wednesday, every single penny I had went on Wednesday. This was when I was a kid and had no money and relied on parents to help out, they bought my £9 ticket on the kop, or I'd tell them it was £9 still, but in fact it "quid a kid" against QPR and I would revel in the extra spends at the match. Or have an extra couple of pound that I could get a sneaky little bet on at the William HIll on Southey. But I'm 27 now, and everything is football is still changing, and our football club is in massive change on and off the pitch. I am glad Wednesday are finally looking to get back in the Premier League, but we seem to have lost our identity. The shirt we wear has no stripes, we have Chansiri on our shirts, around the stadium and less and less of Sheffield Wednesday and more and more of Chansiri. He has changed our badge, the shirt, ticket prices and all without very much input or throught from our fans and feel as if, perhaps the club is less and less about the fans. This isn't just a Wednesday thing, but also football in general. I see footballers getting done for bad things, fraud, rape and much more. I see footballers have religious and homophobic rants on Twitter and Facebook. I don't particularly want to support or watch these individuals. Look at Sheffield United, I had loads of respect for them this season, they went about going up the right way, scoring goals and targeting automatic, then they spoil themselves by re-signing Ched Evans, I am utterly disgusted that they have done it. Regardless of the quashed verdict. Sadly, there is more in football, than just football itself. Everything is about respect, diversity, fairness and history and I don't see it that much in football. Therefore these days, I am more put off by football everyday.