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  1. As much as I'd love to be wrong I can't see you using that hotel booking in London to watch the owls in the play off final. really hope I'm wrong tho
  2. Personally thought he had a good game on Saturday, worked his socks off and linked play well.
  3. Westwood - 6 Hunt - 6 Loovens - 6 Sasso - 2 Fox - 2 Reach - 3 Abdi - 6 Hutchinson - 6 Wallace - 3 Forestieri - 5 Rhodes - 4 Mcmanaman - 6 Bannan - 5 Fletcher - 2
  4. Abdi without a doubt for me today showed what he's about, never gave the ball away, always looked to go forward and a reyt goal to boot
  5. Yep when hutch drops back surely the full backs push on making a five man midfield, however for some strange reason nobody sits in the middle, and when Bannan is wide we somehow end up with five wingers and no one sitting in.
  6. Hey ?? you'd really start with that line up ?? reach right back
  7. Only thing to mention apart from the last 30 seconds of play to be fair
  8. Just been to the shop to get 2 tickets, no queue at all for tickets so unless their bought online can't see us selling this one out
  9. Their side would get smashed in the premier league every week
  10. This is Wednesday for me anyway WAWAW
  11. And I've heard SWFC were offered the land at whatever price and turned the opportunity down.... Just saying like
  12. Stealing a wage on today's performance
  13. Hutchinson the best of a really bad bunch today why do we play at such a slow tempo
  14. Don't think he'd get a game for our young un's under 14 side really poor, as is our left back too
  15. Got to agree, unfortunately