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  1. The Blunts were not even the first United in Sheffield, That honour goes to United Mechanics
  2. White lightning was 99p a bottle, The clap clinic gets expensive, Have never seen the state of the women in Woodhouse, If you wanted to get anywhere with them thay also always wanted a pack of fags a bottle of 20/20 and then a tub of caniston cream and not always in that order
  3. That brings back so many memorys, I had a lot of those as a kid, I think most of them are un me mams loft, Not seen them for years. May have to pay a visit at the weekend. I think I stopped collecting them round about 1995, Which was around the same time I discovered the wonders of Women and cheep cider after school on the fields and parks of Woodhouse. Would have saved me sen a fortune sticking with the badges
  4. Only if Dan Aykroyd is coming with him, Ideal replacement for the band
  5. Didn't we do a deal with them a few years ago to get first dibs on any of their young players? Sure I have read that somewhere
  6. Need to leave seats for members aswell
  7. Jesus wept, Those prices are crazy
  8. Think whoever owns it should let him have that banner that used to be up on back of the Kop, Shure it would look great in his garden
  9. Glad I got off my arse and went down to ticket office this morning. got there bout 8.15 que was a bit slow but got tickets just after 10 for near enough my usual seats in the South. Would advise anyone still waiting that has the option to go down there and buy in person
  10. Maybe its cos I am used to The Wednesday way, But can never quite belive these results, Always think I have dremt them. Roll on the next 3 wet dreams before the end of this month....
  11. To be fair the new kit will be instantly recognisable as us, I have worn the retro version all over the place and people always know its a Wednesday shirt
  12. Once again. We will be having same kit for our 150th aniversairy as we had for the 100th, A very smart move to use this as an excuse for no stripes, We may even be stuck with it for the next 7 years again
  13. Same kit as we had for our 100th aniversairy
  14. Anyone got a copy of that mad team photo of that kit with all playes stood up etc, Not the normal sat in a row malarky
  15. Think them pubes need a good trim