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  1. can the club do anything right?

    As Del-Boy would say to Rodney. Shut up you tart.
  2. Should deffo be sacked for leaving our best player out of the squad on Saturday. Big Dave!
  3. 24th September

    Reckon there'll be a fair bit of bother outside the ground too, with the videos I've seen from the Riverside yesterday.
  4. Winnall V Nuhiu

    Winnall was M.O.M for me today and definitely brought something different than Rhodes who was just jogging around.
  5. Rhodes did alright today

    Winnall was much better and started the game as a sub. Rhodes work rate is shocking.
  6. Carlos Out

    We'll prob scrape a win in 2nd half then everybody will want him to stay. Needs to go regardless.

    I'm sick of hearing that we finished 6th and 4th the last 2 seasons. What division were we in when CC came to us, and what division are we in now? And he's spent a LOT of money!
  8. Season ticket found in Preston

    He probably chucked it on purpose
  9. We lost

    You say negativity breeds negativity. So when we have to watch negative shiiite like we did yesterday, it's gonna pass on to the fans who are paying good money to go and watch it.
  10. A closer look at the new away kit

    I like both kits. One thing puzzling me a bit tho. I thought DC didn't like stripes? They look like stripes to me on the away kit.
  11. di canio

    Will never forget how crazy we went on the away end after he rounded the keeper against Everton and walked the ball into the net.
  12. Owlstalk survey

    Yes 39
  13. Joao

    I knew this would happen. He scored 2 goals against a team who were down to 10 men for ages!
  14. Steel city derbies

    I hate to say it, but we will definitely be playing them next season in the championship. I friggin hate derby day!
  15. Famous dads

    George Hirst has one