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  1. Shocking man management from Carlos
  2. Jesus Christ that looks poo . Has a 5 year old come up with the design?
  3. Respect.
  4. Credit to Carlos but he's taken us as far as he can go. 20 million pound plus strike force and still struggle.
  5. CC should have brought him off at half time, after his knock in the first half he never looked right.
  6. Long shots don't count
  7. He did appear a little 'off' last night in the sense that he looked a very angry man. Shouting and swearing at team mates, obviously understandable
  8. Reach best crosser of the ball? Id love to see some examples of this..
  9. Boring poopydoo
  10. Thought he played well last night but he wasn't a happy bunny with a couple of his team mates. Constantly having a go, at one stage shouted to Fernando 'make a flipping run'
  11. Can we have a week of practicing putting a decent ball in the box please?
  12. Waste of money
  13. Was telling Westwood to calm down all game, couldn't work out what Westwood was shouting
  14. It's about flipping time