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  1. Why hasn't this thread been locked yet?
  2. Perfect opportunity to get a bloke in who knows how to get out of this league and more importanly keep you up when we're promoted. Proven manager we've all been crying out for.
  3. Pardew would have got us promoted.
  4. Pardew would have got us promoted.
  5. DC has bottled it. Perfect opportunity to get a manager in with a proven track record. Instead it'll be another season of seeing Carlos trying to play 3 centre midfielders when it's so painfully obvious it doesn't work.
  6. If we are going to be signing players like this I for one won't be renewing my season ticket. Stephen fooooking Ireland, when was the last time he kicked a ball?!
  7. Boring statement
  8. Season ticket prices to be increased
  9. Other than Hooper missing exactly the same team that took us 6 unbeaten why the flip does CC change it?!
  10. Sounds about right and a very good summary. Who were the pundits?
  11. Average of what 28 pound per game when you have season ticket? Not exactly unreasonable.
  12. That Quaner beat him every single time
  13. For me he's simply not a winger. LB I can cope with but to be a winger you need to be able to put a good delivery in more often than not. His deliveries tend to be in the not very good catergory