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  1. How weird does Reach strike the ball though?
  2. Thought he looked a bit fat too.
  3. Shocking efforts.
  4. Like the Lacatoni training gear.
  5. Liking the training gear from Lacatoni. Sondico was a pile of crap.
  6. To class Athde Nuihu as a professional footballer is an utter disgrace in my opinion. Our dog has more skill in his feet than that useless lump.
  7. Like Bristol City away yeah? We'd be better having Reda Johnson up front over Nuihu. Far better goal scoring record
  8. Give over. The bloke is absolute dogshit.
  9. The bloke has been here 2 years and done the grand some of roger all. Started no more than 10 caps and played even less as a sub. how can you question fans for writing this kid off?! As far as I'm concenered he's stolen a living whilst at this club.
  10. Just retire from football Matias please.
  11. He's a goal scorer our rhodes.
  12. Waste of flipping space this kid. Just happy to pick up a wage. Deserves to rot with the under 16s.
  13. Atdhe nuihu is flipping useless sooner we get rid the better.
  14. Enlighten me
  15. FF

    Av heard he's off