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  1. The moose seems to have a bit of an issue with us. Don't think I've ever heard him say anything good about us on talk sport and is always having twitter banter with Bully after the Moose has slagged us off. Bit of a nobber really.
  2. We need a DoF and maybe couple more England based footballing men working in the background to help Carlos out with things like recruitment etc. Not saying the infamous committee needs to come back, but I think our poor recruitment this season has something to do with us seeming to be lightweight at the top of the club.
  3. I agree, you can swap and change managers and get in the play off places, but for the non parachute payment teams, if you want autos then a developed squad who know how to play together and consistency with the manager are needed. Hopefully the team will gel better with most in their second or third season in, with the same manager. Only team who seemed to have done it with a hire and fire mentality in recent years was Watford and I think that was a bit of a one off.
  4. It was a silly tackle which he shouldn't have done because it was purely a rush of blood to the head. But with regards to trying to hound him out of the club...I've not seen any of that, in fact most if not all Wednesday fans have wanted Matias to be a success. With the reputation he came with from Portugal most were hoping he'd rip the league up. Sadly injury and when he has been fit not really doing enough to get in the first team suggests it's never going to happen. Sometimes, you have to say it's not really worked and free up the money to bring someone else in. That's not hounding a player out its rational. In our regular first team I think our right mid/defence is probably our weakest area (only my opinion) and if we want to improve it's probably where we should focus on if still in the Championship next year. That's not trying to hound out Wallace, Hunt, Palmer etc it's because I think we need to strengthen there. With FFP there's no bottomless pit of money so we going to have start to sell to bring more in.
  5. I would say they are better then an ordinary team. They are really good at passing the ball around and move in to space constantly. No wonder they get so many chances. However, get in their face and be disruptive and they will struggle. Also they are defensively weak I mean really weak. They have such a high press you can just knock the ball over them and you're in. Until the sending off today all we were needing to do is chip it over their midfield/defence and you were in. Honest opinion think Reading will do them.
  6. I have to admit I thought the same. There was that fulham attack in the second half when he let the ball get under him and thankfully no Fulham player knocked it in. But think Westy is just so good he makes us look better defensively then we really are.
  7. The problem we have with Rhodes is that every team that he has played and banged in 20 plus goals for he has been the focal point. We don't just rely of him as our only goal source, which means he has to move more round the pitch, so he ends up being sometimes out wide or knocking things on for others. He must have a good number of assists under his belt already. Really think he just needs to get a goal to help his confidence as I think he's stop shooting as much. Also a preseason where he's more integrated the team formations and attacking plans will do him wonders. He will be class for us next season regardless of which league we are in.
  8. He's smaller in real life than you think
  9. It was Matias was to blame, but last game of the season, in a game with nothing really riding on it, think the ref should have used his judgement better. The tackle was right in front of where I was and it wasn't danagerous just a clip of the heels from behind so it was likely a red because of the intent. Think it probably cost us the game.
  10. When I saw that he was on the team sheet I was really hoping he'd have a great game, but sadly the only thing of note was that foul. Probably says it all really, he must have known he had to impress today but instead he goes mental and chops the Fulham player down and gives the ref the opportunity. He's a player who needs to make way in the summer. Shame came with a great reputation
  11. It was a rush of blood due to two Fulham player kicking the hell out of him and the ref giving him nothing. Silly but the ref should have booked him and told him to calm down. The ref was appalling today and wasn't watching the game
  12. This season in the league : Sheffield Wed have won their last 6 matches. Sheffield Wed are undefeated in their last 7 matches. Sheffield Wed have scored in each of their last 7 matches. Sheffield Wed have scored in 83% of their away matches. Sheffield Wed have won their last 3 away matches. Sheffield Wed are undefeated in their last 4 away matches. BRING IT ON FULHAM AND ANYONE ELSE IN THE PLAYOFFS
  13. Micky Gray finally gave us some recognition on talk sport today, saying the playoffs were between us and Fulham and saying we are the inform side. However this was only after Mick the owl had to get on the blower and rounduns him and White for saying how Newcastle should had smashed the league and by 200 points.
  14. TBH I thought he looked like he was lacking confidence and wasn't too sure whether he should be chasing the ball down or leaving it. A few times he was just stood there with players running past him. He definitely needs a goal to get him back in to form. Not it too worried though if fletcher and hooper keep playing like they are. Once Rhodes has had a pre-season with us he'll be hitting 20 plus goals for us nailed on.
  15. I was on row 2 on the North, just where Pudil was to take the throw in when the sub happened. He did looked pissed off but I think it had more to do with something a derby player (Will Hughes I think) said to him just before. Something was going on between the two teams at the time. It seemed like it was handbags at dawn cos the linesman started having a bit of a joke with Pudil about it. Either that it was cos he wanted to come off or he wanted Reach off. Both looked knackered on the left and did well to play like they did until the end.