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  1. Yes. Too many players trying to get the same position. Can not stick with anyone to get them in form and no two are building an understanding of one another. I think half the issue with FF is that he knows that if he starts to play regularly on the left which he doesn't think is his best position, he will never get to play in a forward position again.
  2. Aidan Mcgeady

    Not defending Carlos here I'm currently in the "think he's lost it" camp, but McGready has obviously found a manager in Grayson who can get the best out of him. Not sure if Carlos ever would have. Sometimes it just clicks. Look at Lee before Carlos came in and look at him now, same with Brannan. Unfortunately, it's not working with the likes of Rhodes etc, but that what's the difference between good managers and great ones. The great ones are able to do it with more players.
  3. We lack 3 things

    We lack pace and width. We have Rhodes and Winnall, two of the best headers in the championship if not the best. Throw in Fletcher who is pretty useful with his bonce, then with two wingers who could cross we'd be banging them in. Football is is a simple game, made difficult by managers.
  4. Huge improvement

    Sadly it already has twice in the last two seasons.
  5. The what to do/how's it going ifollow thread

    So tried to subscribe for a month pass and it said I already had a pass. Can only think it's because my annual Wednesday player subscription hasn't run out yet. watching it on my iPad working fine except it's got no commentary or I can switch to the audio stream and listen to it or I can sign in to my account on the iPad to watch and log in on my account via my iPhone to listen to it, but out of sync? ...ohh and it keeps telling me on the video stream that someone is signed in....which is me?
  6. Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    The same. This is the real consequence of the premier leagues new deal. Just like the Sentanta/ITV digital fiasco was because of the first major jump in Sky money all them years ago. They tried to complete with sky and lost, leaving the football clubs in trouble. Wolves must be just planning to run 39 million debt in one year let alone over 3. Its the football equivalent of going all in in poker. If it works they win if it fails they are gone. The worry for me is that if it does work, you'll have 5 plus teams doing it next year and then surely 1 or 2 of them will get lucky. That with the regelated prem teams taking the other 1 or 2 positions, leave any other team who's trying to stay in FFP or use their academy going nowhere.
  7. Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    Old flash Harry is trying to snap up all these on their last pay deal players because he's trying to make Birmingham in to a one season wonder. They'll have one season to get up before the house of cards comes crashing down financially and talent wise. We are different, this is our third season of building and although we will benefit from having a few old heads we also want players like Reach who can still be developed in to potential prem players. Downing is definitely not one of them.
  8. Next season kit

    Dildos on the seats? Well that's one way to increase the female attendance at home matches!
  9. So no wingers needed

    As long as FF is happy to do this because as we know a happy FF is a better player. I know some will say it's not up to him and he should play where he's told to play (tough love and all that), but FF genuinely seems to want to play to his best every game and if it's not working his head can drop and last season he seemed to think being in the front two was where he should/wanted to be. Hopefully CC has convinced him left is best because having FF fully firing, on the left with Rhodes/Hopper etc up front would be great.
  10. Shouldn't we be in for Huddlestone?

    I hope you're right, just can't help thinking Derby could be a serious contender with Rowett and the proven championship players they are bringing in. Birmingham were full of crap and he got them to whistle a tune. They imploded as soon as he was sacked.
  11. Next season kit

    I thought this was a wind up but it was actually founded by Carlos!! No wonder we've not signed anyone...to busy wheeling and dealing this! Proper Delboy!
  12. Next season kit

    All looks at bit 80's...not in a cool retro way...in a cheap outdoor market way!
  13. Winnall to Brum

    It will be disappointing for Winnall to go, but he was bought in Jan because it was a fantastic deal and Rhodes looks like he was going to Villa. Then we got Rhodes which made Winnall surplus to requirements. Would rather see Fletcher, Joao or Big Dave go before him but you can only sell when others want to buy. Wouldn't want him to go to Brum as dislike them in a big way and I think he would score plenty if he was a number one or two forward in any championship team. But 'arry throws money around like no ones business and would probably offer a mill or two more than anyone else. Also so could you imagine the Dingles if we sold him for 10x the price we paid for him. You think some of us lot kicked off when Forest sold Antonio!
  14. Today is JUDGEMENT DAY for Forestieri

    We need to sign some quickly to give everyone on owlstalk something to discuss. Its turning in to Load of the Flys on here...
  15. Moose from talksport

    The moose seems to have a bit of an issue with us. Don't think I've ever heard him say anything good about us on talk sport and is always having twitter banter with Bully after the Moose has slagged us off. Bit of a nobber really.