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  1. Paul Merson, bobbar loads of abuse in the 90's.
  2. We'll win two nil, Rhodes getting both.
  3. There's no way Nuhiu scores from there.
  4. Isn't that Big Dave's highlight reel on youtube?
  5. 16 points from that lot would be very nice.
  6. 3-3 FF hat trick in his last game for us, before he signs for the Geordies in January
  7. Perfect timing for my Dad's birthday present.
  8. That's a reyt blast from the past. Got me all nostalgic now and remembering going when I was a kid
  9. God have Mersey on your sole
  10. Tried to pick his nose, used the wrong finger and missed the target.
  11. By breaking it in, do you mean stretching it out?