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  1. I would imagine they will but sadly their wages will only raise £3.50
  2. We have strikers who can score so to give them the supply it has to be Waddle for me. Would love to beef up the midfield with Shez or Calton. A little suprised tricky Trev's name hasnt poped up, at the height of his game he was pretty dam good.
  3. We listened to it this morning, dont think you cane across as a bully at all.
  4. Dont stop believing cos theres a few that have
  5. You should have watched us in the 70s that was brilliant yesterday by comparison.
  6. Rum in mine
  7. Would love the team to walk out to this. UTO
  8. Spot on that article
  9. Ive heard its off
  10. Great news congratulations to the Fletcher family