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  1. We've played the likes of Mansfield and Alfreton, with Donny to come. Why do we never play the pigs? Is it a SAG thing? Could be a money spinner for both clubs pre season.
  2. Pre order a taxi for 4.20, if you leave it any later you'll be stuck in the crowd. Ask for the taxi to pick you up at the club shop. Alternatively, go to the lane and leave anytime, never any queues there.
  3. I used to go in there in the early 80s pre match Reyt rough hole, has it changed?
  4. Off the corner flags
  5. Never got one right you mean.
  6. Does that mean gents this deal is done or get this deal done? Sorry to be a pedantic top hat.
  7. And, do you own all those caravan parks?
  8. Begging mail on the way
  9. He will shine this year. Give him the service CC.
  10. I like my pickles chilled.
  11. It was a good read. Lots of positivity.
  12. I'm sick of these Portuguese managers, time we tried an English one.
  13. We haven't got any wingers.
  14. Why would we sell assorted clubs scarves and assorted clubs metal badges? Were they red and white scarves and badges? Always good to help a neighbour out that's less fortunate than yourself.