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  1. Who was the one with a player as a mate that said Pardew had already signed? Was it Siggi something?
  2. .............. and it's entertaining. Better than talking to the Mrs.
  3. Bang on mate. I'll put you down as an ITK'er. That makes two that I believe what they write.
  4. As before then. Get behind the team and the manager and let's go again. Not happy about those smelly fo okers in red and white coming to Hillsborough though.
  5. This isn't official is it? Nothing on the club website.
  6. He's got a bit of a dodgy past.
  7. Wagner for me, he was brilliant on X Factor.
  8. When I read the title of the thread, I thought the next two words would be " is innocent! " (you've got to be old to get that)
  9. Hmmmm 15 posts and you are already ITK?
  10. Come to that so will Costa at Chelski.
  11. Does this apply to La Liga. If so Barca will be f 00ked, as Suarez will be banned for most of the season.
  12. You're right it is. It feels like much more than that though doesn't it?
  13. It is good. He is the Captain of the ship, he will decide who he wants as his first officer. (Between you and me Mr C, we don't want Pardew)