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  1. CC

    Dunno about that. 2 play offs in 2 years and a continuous improvement on points per season. Possibility of automatic next year if we don't do it this year. Is that really good enough?
  2. I assume Mr C will be doing his best to have the "corners" opened up as per Wycombe?
  3. Pigs would have sold more.
  4. Sold out!
  5. 32 left, 31 severely restricted, on sale to giraffes only.
  6. Looks like only about 50 seats left on sale (if that)
  7. I think they will.
  8. I'd like FF, Rhodes and Hooper on.
  9. I'd shut up if I were you, you'll have no +s left at this rate. He's an icon, top player, it's destiny that he's back. I've given you a plus for good luck.
  10. Seems other clubs rate this man. Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has impressed Fenerbahce scouts following his performances for Bristol City this season. So Tammy, is it Fenerbahce, or the stink of S2? Have a think, take your time
  11. Couldn't agree more. It's p1ss poor
  12. Tis true.
  13. Four lanes chippy is a known IS hangout.
  14. I know