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  1. What we need is a new manager app. Put the name in and it calculates the win ratio and where we would finish. I'll get to work on it.
  2. I just checked you location from you avatar. 51.501284, -0.142008 I didn't know you were a Wednesdayite your majesty. How's Phil doing?
  3. I changed it
  4. Yes, and maybe
  5. I for one hope that the OP is right. We are better team than the last few games that we have played would indicate. Leeds today were the better side and deserved to win. Tactically it isn't working, no link up play, no high press, some basic defensive mistakes. The team aren't gelling. It's like we are missing a link that pulls it all together. The attacking flowing football is not what it was last year, we need to get that back. We are missing Lees, Lee, and Hooper, they are big misses, maybe it will improve when they return. Yes we still need to strengthen, CB, midfield distributor, winger etc, but DC has spent £20M, he's shown his commitment. This side should be doing much better than it is. Confidence maybe an issue, I don't think so though. Come on CC, get this sorted, you know far more than I do about managing a football team and you know it's not right at the moment. Put it right, I don't want a new manager anytime soon. UTO
  6. Leeds clear their lines very well. They look good defensively too.
  7. Missing Kieran Lee, makes a world of difference.
  8. Rhodes is quality, end off. He needs service. CC will sort it.
  9. Hope you're right, but I'd say a fine.
  10. Agreed, but you can't do it these days. Ask Jose, he'll tell you.