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  1. Recall a game V Liverpool when an equaliser was denied by ref - must have been the 70's. Came on from the North. I was on the Kop so had to limit discontent to shouting.
  2. Presenter was Khalid Aziz - now runs a communications consultancy. A pleasure watching it. Well worth the walk down Herries Road I remember.
  3. Remember that when it got to 11th penalty it took Weaver a few moments to realise it was his turn. Amazing stuff at the time.
  4. Yes, that was a fairly unique event.
  5. Boxing Day massacre 5-4 v Man U - came back a day early from holiday 2nd Santos game - not a brilliant game really but an event 2-1 v Carlisle The Cardiff game last season Am sure I will have missed plenty of great games out in between times but there has been so much crud at times that I think the memories have been pushed deep down.
  6. Standing in front of the barriers was the safest place to be - but everyone wanted those spaces. Even with the safe standing folding seats I can't see our ground being allowed them. Too much history.
  7. Just tell the bank you want to stop the direct debit.
  8. But aren't SWFC due compensation when he signs for another club? Will be set by a tribunal unless it can be agreed.
  9. Look to be modelled on the kit of late 60s early 70s. When I started following Owls.
  10. Ball boy had to crawl under it to get ball that landed in middle of flag. Got a cheer when he managed to knock it to edge.
  11. Agree with a lot of what has been mentioned already. For something different. Are the club happy with the state of the pitch one year on? Will the issues at the end of last season be avoided. Will the first team having to train on it have any negative effects?