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  1. Last season I would say Sasso. We were calling out for a solid centerback all summer and we ended up having to re-sign Sasso. It seemed such a deflated signing.
  2. Villa Sunderland Wednesday Hull Dem Blades Middlesbro We win playoff final 1-0 against blades with a last minute pen - scored by Rhodes. FACT
  3. Remember: It's just 22 overpaid blokes kicking a ball around a field.
  4. Totally agree. We finished on the exact same points as Huddersfield, scored only 4 more goals, conceded less. But over 46 games there was little to split us. Over the first leg, no margin. Over 120 mins of the second leg, no margin. It took penalties to separate two teams; where 46 games and two play off semi's had failed.
  5. Me and the lads are gonna meat spin on the Kop. Not telling you which minute though, want to keep it spontaneous, reckon we well get a few thousand to join in.
  6. - enjoy
  7. Sit with the Ultras. Proper nawty up there
  8. Will be this in a couple years.
  9. Sheffield Wednesday head coach Carlos Carvalhal: "We can't always play opera when we are playing against gladiators, sometimes we must put clothes on like gladiators to achieve the points." Love this guy and love three points. March on!
  10. Close to training ground, not overly expensive (he isn't going to retire in Sheffield; selling a mansion is a bit trickier than a reasonable detached house). I would happily swap his house for my shed.
  11. Huddersfield are also unbeaten this season.
  12. I remember criticising the bandwagon that built ahead of our game with Cardiff which happened to fall in the same week as Aberfan disaster. Creating flags, turning on phone lights, clapping in x minute. Yes it was a terrible tragedy, but really had little to do with us as a club or city. It just felt like we just wanted to show what great fans we were.