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  1. I am reading the situation exactly the same as you. Because i just read your post p.s. Agree with what you say.
  2. Chris Adamson. Fantastic keeper and one for the ladies.
  3. It's ages until Christmas, so I doubt it.
  4. Darren Potter. Despite his carapace, softest tw@t to play for The Wednesday.
  5. You might beat him to it
  6. Way past his best.
  7. Poor fitness levels? Easy solution. Grenoside Woods with That will sort them out.
  8. Depends on what role he is offered. Maybe a player-coach role. The emphasis being on coaching. He's magic you know, Wednesday will always have Semedo,
  9. Is that our weekly wage limit?
  10. Don't want losers, only winners. Winning is everything.
  11. You're one of dem blavdes aren't you.