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  1. Jones - the enigma

    yes it does and has
  2. Jones - the enigma

    he's alright, but we'll never get anywhere with him (as well as others) in the team he's a steady. safe player, but that only gets you so far, and only gets you to the top if he's got an absolute quality player next to him the problem with this side is that yes, on paper they look good, but for a lot of them their best days are behind them, which is why they flatter to deceive and haven't performed to the level fans think they should. this squad isn't a top 2 side like most of us think
  3. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    why sing it saying they do then?
  4. criminally underrated, should start every week, and if he did would contribute massively he's a PL striker IMO
  5. Jones - the enigma

    an ok back-up, but not what we need going forward bannan needs a beast/enforcer alongside him
  6. Get Carlos out of this club

    personally can't see him lasting much longer, he's a dead man walking we won't win at fulham, might scrape a draw, and that'll be the first 4 without a win this will install negativity within the squad, by the end of sept I can see a new guy in
  7. Doesn't bode well.......

    absolute nailed on result
  8. your 1st game you went to

    97/98 season, at home to Everton think we won 3-1 or something

    I don't back him so don't include me in this tripe
  10. Owlstalk history

    yes we went from 6th to 4th and yes theoretically that is an improvement, but finishing 4th could have seen us finishing 6th another season and vice versa. When you're that far away from automatic it's petty improvement, and automatic is where we need to be by now
  11. Owlstalk history

    I'm done with CC, have been probably since mid-point last season he won't take this club forward, guarandamnteed
  12. Message from Carlos

    he's pissssed at the little ******* moaning about stripes and other trivial nonsense
  13. thanks for all the info but 5hrs to go through all that?
  14. Goal celebrations

    beat my meat