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  1. Said it before but Rhodes will get 20+ goals for us next season if CC plays him in the majority of games.
  2. Terry is a real prat but as a Championship player he will probably do very well for Villa.
  3. A player that can play in many different positions, sounds like a CC type of player.
  4. Beautiful. The girls look pretty nice aswell. :-)
  5. He looks really different in those 2 pictures in the OP
  6. Congrats on the contract, one for the future.
  7. 100% this. Our team needs improving in vital areas and these players need to be bought in and starting games asap. I just hope we dont leave key signings until a few days before the season kicks off. We need them to have as much of a pre-season as possible with us.
  8. i want it to be Lukaku :-)
  9. Strange article. Has he actually been linked with us or are they just plucking names out of thin air?
  10. Slightly off topic but im looking forward to the squad numbers being released for next season, will DC still stick to his guns like last season or will we go back to the traditional method. I would guess the first option :-)
  11. I use to be filled with fear when I saw Briscoe was starting for us. He probably wasn't as bad as I though but at the time I thought he was shocking.
  12. Think Boyd would be a decent signing to be honest. Been impressed when I have seen him in the past. Yes I would prefer a young exciting player full of running but of the names that have been linked so far Boyd is one of the better ones. Played 36 times in the Premiership last season.
  13. It's a shame the way things have gone with him,I do think he's a very good player that unfortunately doesn't seem to have the attitude to match. 9 goals in 39 apps is bloody decent for a midfielder. Will do well for another Championship club..........for a while.
  14. 100% agree we do need a player that can deliver a ball but surely there must be someone younger with a bit more pace that can do that. Is it really that hard to cross a ball!?!
  15. Never been a fan of Downing. Not the type of player I think we need, past his best and even at his best was massively overrated imo.