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  1. Also just noticed Field has started both games for West Brom this season. Cant really see them wanting to loan him out.
  2. We need a pacey creative midfielder imo. Is Sam Fields that type of player?
  3. I hope his gate is still broken.
  4. Team for Bolton

    Any news if the new CB has his clearance. Hope so, be a good game to give him a run out. Front 2 of Rhodes & Winnall with FF just behind would be nice.
  5. Brighton signing forward Dwamena from Zurich for 9.2 million. Making some unknown signings are Brighton.
  6. Joao

    So CC today saying Joao can leave on loan. He should be saying Nuhiu can bloody leave before him.
  7. Would have been very happy with Bridcutt here. Shame he's gone elsewhere.
  8. How to get the best out of Rhodes

    Crosses in to the box would be a start for him. Oh and play him tomorrow night.
  9. Team for Bolton

    Have a feeling this could well be the team. Hope I'm wrong though and Rhodes gets a start.
  10. Team for Bolton

    That really doesnt seem the way to treat Hirst, does it?
  11. U23s 1pm ko

    Well done U23's. Thank you for the updates.
  12. Sam Gallagher set to sign for Birmingham on a season long loan. Also Sam Clucas set to sign for Swansea after agreeing a 16.5 million fee. crazy crazy money.
  13. U23s 1pm ko

    Been saying this for a while and not just because of today but i would rather have Joao on the bench ahead of Nuhiu.
  14. U23s 1pm ko

    Nuhiu and FF at the game.
  15. Team for Bolton

    Would have liked Joao to have been on the bench against Bolton to be honest. The perfect game to give him some game time in the 2nd half.