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  1. First thing I thought :-) one of my favourite songs.
  2. Reach can but he just doesn't do it enough.
  3. So why play Brighton if all that matters is winning when we haven't beaten them this season. We have beaten Huddersfield, we have proved we can play badly yet still beat Huddersfield.
  4. Obvious answers are people like Walker, Waddle, Palmer, Hirst. However it would be pretty entertaining to have Di Canio back, probably the most talented player ever to play for us.
  5. Always been a massive fan of his and knew we would miss him but i didn't realise just how much we would miss him.
  6. It doesn't matter how we play, all that matters is the results. Of course it's great if we can play well and win but in massive games like the play offs al that is important is winning the games however we play.
  7. Hope he bangs in a hat-trick and lifts up his shirt to reveal a t-shirt saying you're just a town full of inbreds with a s**t football team.
  8. Given the choice of Brighton or Huddersfield finishing 3rd and us playing one of them I would much rather play Huddersfield.
  9. One thing we have going for us if we finish in the top 6 is the experience of the play offs from last season, the players and management wont want to feel like they did after the loss to Hull. Experience of players like Westwood, Lees, Loovens, Hutchinson, Bannan, FF etc imo will count for a lot, the players and CC will remember what its like to play in front of a near 80k crowd and that will hopefully work in our favor and we wont start like rabbits in the headlights. If people want to moan and call for CC to be sacked cant you wait until the end of the season, right now we have a hell of a lot to play for still.
  10. I hate International weeks, no proper football at a weekend is really boring, also its a worry people like Rhodes picking up injuries while away.
  11. I would like McManaman to be given the start, we need more creativity, perhaps McManaman will be the man to provide for Rhodes.
  12. I wish CC would give him another chance.
  13. Reckon we could beat that team with a fully fit squad :-)
  14. Well done Hutch, real 100% every game type of player. Bit early though to name the team of the year! Why name it so early!?!
  15. 9 points would be an excellent return.