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  1. The break out of the team has done Pudil the world of good, looks like the Pudil of old again. Great stuff.
  2. Because they are a bunch of tw@ts.
  3. Stupid odds. Reading as outsiders even though they are 3rd?
  4. Would like to see Rhodes and Winnall start, McManaman on the right, maybe McGugan will get a game :-)
  5. The form team in the play offs, we ARE going to do it!!!!!!
  6. Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant stuff, play offs here we come.
  7. Rhodes comes on, Wednesday score, simple as that.
  8. Give it maybe 15 mins and then time for game changer Rhodes to come on :-)
  9. Come on you beautiful beautiful owls!!!!!!!
  10. Probably the best way to tame the nerves.
  11. If you're feeling stressed now imagine how you will be feeling in the play offs :-)
  12. My little girls 1st Birthday, she's either going to have a very hungover Daddy or a very moody Daddy.
  13. The only thing you can believe in a paper is the price.