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  1. I've slept on it and decided this is one of the best chances to get out of this league. If you would have said it was going to be the teams in contention 8 months ago. We would have all taken it, however 8 months on we still do not know how to break teams down and with 8 games left fear we will still not know. Luckily it is still in out hands.
  2. Westwood is one of the worse culprits in the division for it.
  3. We appeared to spring into life when in the last 10 minutes Reading decided to take what they had. The previous 80 was abysmal. 8 months into the season and we haven't diverted form the slow lerthargic cautious play. To break a team down, you can move the ball at speed, have someone willing to take the ball and drive the centre Have players running into space, getting picked up which creates space. We do not do enough if at all. Last night on numerous occasions the forward line made runs and we fvcked about with it making them all offside. Rhodes made several runs but as Hooper before him and to bend it on a lot of occasions. On their goalkicks the keeper had atleast 5 players he could pass to. We treid to press with 2 then altered it to 3, even then one of their midfielders could drop in and collect it while ours spent most of the time sat 5 yards infront of the back 4. Our main tactic of keeping it tight and hoping for an individual moment of magic to get a goal is failing.
  4. We still have Fulham to play, win all our remaining matches we are in the playoffs Saying that we need Mr Miyagi clapping and rubbing his hands in the treatment room
  5. Neither is willing to get beyond the strikers, even if it's to mix it up and keep the opposition thinking. Also neither can tackle, Bannan is the better of the two and he's average. THe opposition can waltz through the middle of the park.
  6. When he had his purple patch last season I thought we might have a special player on our hands. However he was dropped/rested and never looked like that player again.
  7. We are the team of the city and also outside of the city. They're just a 5h1tstain.
  8. Chickens coming home to roost?
  9. ................
  10. Time to go on a 12 match winning streak
  11. Our passing at times is poorly executed. The player receiving the ball either has to wait, take a couple of steps back or it's belted at them. These small instances allow the opposites to get back into shape. Also some of the decision making was poor at times. On a positive it was nice to see Bannan driving at the opposites again and looking like his old self, Jones ability at marking the space(different style to Hutch but similar rewards) and Reach made a decent cameo appearance.
  12. While Lee has been a big miss, the tempo has been slow all season, in which he has played a lot in.
  13. Ben Pearson would be ideal for that holding role, when Hutch moves to centre half. Young, tackles, can pass and has a nasty streak in him.
  14. Hutch played alt the back at the start of the season. We were poor. He was at the back at Hillsborough when Leeds midfield had control of the game. We either play wide men or play a central 3 in front of Hutch. What we don't want is wide men playing central