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  1. Lees turns away and shouts towards the home officials, "iFollow that f\/cker!"
  2. Let's say we get a winger with pace. He gets the ball takes on 3 players, goes screaming down the wing, looks up and there is no f\/cker is in the box.
  3. Apply that logic to Wallace pre Huddersfield at home, or even before scored that goal, this season. Think about it, really think about Wallace's form before that game and what you are saying about Abdi. No-one really knows what may happen.
  4. Was the poor start to those playing at centre half or the complete lack of cover in front of them.
  5. Villa and Sunderland
  6. I want the in between Carlos. One that is rigid when it needs to be and can play football when it wants. A small tweak here or there.
  7. They will have two AM supporting Wells. This is the key area for them, if we allow little give and goes for Wells to run onto if there is space behind then we could be in trouble. Hutch or Jones have to patrol the area. Hutch by tackling, Jones by reading the game. This in turn will allow out fullbacks to get forward as they have coverage. My only real fear is if CC is too cautious and we try and win a two legged tie for the last 20 mins only.
  8. You do realise Huddersfield are better, Newcastle apart, than the teams we played in that 6 match streak.
  9. Anyone who can run with the ball centrally will tear Bannan/Jones a new one. They were awful against Reading and Shelvey only decided to do it for 10 mins in the second half, rest of the match he picked it up off the defenders. There was a reason the midfield sat on top of the defence Sunday and it was to allow no space. Huddersfield love to exploit the space either in between the defence and midfield or behind the defence. We need to get forward more while still being able to cover the space, especially if we want to get the fullbacks going forward. Hutch allows it, Jones allows it but the latter struggles with players running at him.
  10. I don't understand full henergy but there you go
  11. We don't want to put all our eggs in one basket
  12. If Huddersfield can muster the energy for one final push they will be very hard to beat. The never dropped off like most said. No pressure on them what so ever as they have achieved a lot already. We need to be at the top of out game, my only fear is if CC plays, on Sunday, not to lose, if he does I think we will.
  13. He'll end up cutting the grass at Hillsborough, song will have to change though. He's magic you know. He's great at making the grass grow
  14. Never been Player of the Season, probable Player of 2017 but not 2016/17. Two decent cameos spring to mind pre January away at Huddersfield and when he went of the left against Forest? Apart from those he was average at best. A shame the ratings posts on here after matches are not all collated. It would be easier to work out.