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  1. It was wee wee poor. Winnall Fletcher and Rhodes- strikers who thrive on early delivery from wide. That requires wingers. We don't play with wingers. McManaman and Buckley- out and out wingers. Refer to previous statement. Reach fits the way we play Abdi seems to struggle as one of a two in midfield. Unless you team him with Hutch. Which, with Lee and Bannan in the squad, is unlikely.
  2. Don't compare Di Canio to Forestieri. I think most people are suggesting getting rid of FF because he's been poor most if not all last season, and he doesn't fit in the formation we need to play to get the best of the four strikers we've got.
  3. Immaterial unless we sort the supply, Steven Fletcher or Justin Fletcher wouldn't make a massive difference.
  4. Obviously not Sheringham.
  5. We don't play with wingers, we have wide players who come inside to make a 3 when one of our two splits the centre halves or drops in front to take short passes. Big difference.
  6. Palmer. Big, athletic, nasty streak. Just what we need in midfield.
  7. If you spend 15 years being fisted by hellboy, 2 years of rimming a goat would be your best 2 out of 17. Doesn't make it fun.
  8. My whelm is currently around 5. Representing "meh".
  9. Not especially.
  10. Flawed premise on the basis that the DOF would have limited influence over tactics. That being said: 1. For the purposes of this, me, as you want to know my tactics and approach. In the real world, the Fulham manager (Jankovic?) or Pardew. 2. I'd keep Dawson and Wildsmith from the out of contract list. Sasso too as 4th choice centre half. Release the rest. I'd also being shopping out the following for transfer: Abdi Forestieri Matias Joao Nuhiu Melo McGugan. None of the above fit in going forward, and I'd like to recoup money to avoid FFP issues when I spend £50m on promotion. In terms of incomings, I'd like Izzy Brown (most likely on loan) or someone of that ilk, Chris Brunt, Kyle Bartley and 2 quick wingers with end product, not entirely sure who. Probably young Premier League loanees. I'd like a quick striker too but we're a bit overloaded. With the existing squad, I'd have a look at Lee at right back in pre-season; to see if he could do a better job than Hunt, in terms of defensive positioning and final ball. I'd get a specialist sprint coach in and look at the strength and conditioning staff, I want us to be the fastest fittest strongest team in the Championship. All things being equal, starting line-up is as follows: Westwood Lee Fox Lees Bartley Young quick winger Hutchinson/Bannan Brown Brunt Hooper Fletcher Wildsmith Sasso Reach Hutchinson/Bannan Young quick winger 2 Rhodes Winnall. 3. Approach at home is to press and win ball, get it wide and get it in the box early. Same approach away. Championship winning teams don't poo it away from home. This is our team and we're coming to do you.
  11. We have more strikers who suit playing two up than not. FF isn't really the best partner for any of them in a two, as they all seem to play better with an out and out striker as a partner. Hooper to an extent, but he's done his best work this season dropping and linking. if he does that with FF we've no one up top. Said strikers also want early balls in from wide, so he isn't really a suitable wide left option. Due to the way we've recruited, he's now a very good individual player, who doesn't fit with how most of the rest of the team play. He's also becoming a victim of himself, not getting free kicks he ought because of who he is. I get the impression that he's a bit of a flat track bully too, don't recall a performance in the really big games. If we could get decent money for him, I'd sell.
  12. I think we're about 4/5 players away from absolutely tearing this league a new one. We need some presence and some athletes, we're pretty much the anti-Dave Jones team at the moment. I would like: A big quick nasty centre half. An athletic powerful attacking midfielder in the Izzy Brown mould. 2 quick wingers who are direct, can beat a man and get early balls into the box. Although I'd happily take one quick plus Brunt. I'd also like a quick forward so we have some threat in behind, but we're a bit overloaded up top.
  13. "Rigid when it needs to be"? Pervert.
  14. Top 6. Every time. In answer to the original question, playoffs twice, lost twice, so probably exactly the same.
  15. I would. I'd moan like buggery. I don't give a roger what the football looks like, I care about the result. Solely the result. I remember (vaguely) the Wilkinson teams, and I enjoyed watching them win as much as the Atkinson teams. I'll happily watch us play whatever way gives us the best chance of promotion. I've watched enough of our teams fail in the last 20 years to care less about the look and more about the achievement. I'll take substance over style every time.