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  1. Not sure we'd beat Leeds though and losing to them would be the worst.
  2. My Birthday's 1st June so I'm stuffed!
  3. Best song in the whole show! R.I.P. the late great Ron Moody. Now what the Dickens was Andy on about?
  4. Wot no Moon Cakes? Fabulous OMDT Pauli and what a terrific song! Let's give the Eel Molesters a taste of their own medicine! Bring on the Colossus!
  5. If that's the case you were in the same year as my sister. You poor devil!
  6. If we'd played in the final like we did in the semis we'd be in the Premier League.
  7. Yeah that's definitely me!
  8. If you were in the 6th form when Wilko was there, then we must know each other!
  9. Who knows? They only have a 22 point deficit to make up!
  10. Think the fact that they keep giving us 3 points is really at the root of it!
  11. No predictions from me. Whenever I predict the score it inevitably goes pear shaped!
  12. Villa really are a total mess! Wouldn't surprise me if they go down again this season. Be interesting to see what Dr Fu Manchu does then.
  13. Leeds are without doubt the bigger club and basically have been for the last 50 years. Prior to that it was us, no contest. As for the future? Who knows? A lot will depend on whether either (or both of us) make it to the EPL. We both have the potential to be in the top 10 clubs in the country. Hope that satisfies everyone!@