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  1. I'd Like For Reach A Cross To Ping!
  2. You Don't Get Me I'm Part of the Nuhiunion!
  3. Melo Submarine Mind you that's sunk without trace!
  4. Nilsson!!!!!!!!!!! Should be ashamed of yer'sen!
  5. But........but.........but I distinctly remember watching us win the Shipp Cup in 1976! Well my flabber has been well and truly gasted!
  6. We certainly used to have a rather large trophy cabinet in the boardroom that actually had loads of trophies in it! Not sure what happened to it , believe it got moved after the floods in 2007.
  7. The most obvious one has to be: Without You
  8. Or break a toe!
  9. After that one we all do!
  10. Knocking? We shouldn't even consider knocking, we should just kick the door off it's flipping hinges!
  11. Really am bored with close season now so to pass the time song titles that have a Wednesday theme i.e.: Harkes the herald angels sing On the Hirst day of Christmas All things Bright and Beautiful etc., etc..
  12. Never mind the Proclaimers, remind me where Simple Minds are from again!
  13. Just imagine if it was Henderson's Willie Relish!
  14. Alternatively we could always change the team entry music to something Scottish..............................oh wait a minute!
  15. You missed Fletcher's sliced white loaf!