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  1. Is that the new 350k?
  2. Presently yu would have to say Leeds are the bigger club and have been for the last 50 years, however is Leeds a bigger football city than Sheffield? Not a chance! Never has been, never will be.
  3. Seconded!
  4. Can't we just pack him off to Dingleland in exchange for Hourihane?
  5. WWS - Fantastic piece of work there. Like others I am also curious, what is you do for a job/career?
  6. You thick Dingle, don't you get it? If you don't take what you can now you get nowt in the summer when he leaves anyway!
  7. Hope Hourihane stays another week, helps them stuff Leeds than comes to us.
  8. Says we needed to sort all this out last summer. Then he says we can't compete financially. Just answered your own question mate.
  9. Neither are the spelling lessons! Elocution! Or, as my wife calls it, electrocution!
  10. Agreed but if we want to threaten top 2 we really need to beat them.
  11. Green with envy! Mind you would have slaughtered my BP and blood sugar!
  12. Peter the Halifax Blade - A good weekend to lose! May I be the first to wish you many more such weekends between now and May!
  13. At least they are using the parachute payment for what it's intended for then.
  14. Imagine if we sign the Hurricane and we can use Hooper up front as well. Will give us all sorts of creative options.