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  1. Only if it doesn't have onions!
  2. Maybe we were born under a bad sign?
  3. We got out of jail again this weekend. Shame about the last 3 matches because as far as the play-offs are concerned, it really could have been all over. Still, couple of good results now and we'll be sitting pretty.
  4. Need to treat Reading the same way we did Norwich and go for it.
  5. If we win on Friday can see Reading fading away.
  6. Would be brilliant if we get into the play-offs (and win them of course) courtesy of the goals that Joao scores against our rivals for a play off spot. Keep up the good work Lucas, it is thoroughly appreciated!
  7. Can you put that on a link I can actually watch in the US please?
  8. Tango already has the new shirt then!
  9. Saw us do that regularly in times past. It's all down to circumstance, they are fighting for survival so golden rule is 10 men behind the ball and don't concede then se what happens. If we do happen to go up could easily be a similar story for us next season.
  10. Plus when it comes to big games we are doing okay this season. Beat Villa in a potentially very tough opener, then followed it up by drawing at Norwich (always tough on their own patch) beat the Geordies on their own patch should have beaten Brighton at their place beat Huddersfield comfortably (twice) destroyed Norwich last Saturday Our only real slip up has been against Leeds (twice) and for me they are the real fly in the ointment.
  11. The new kit is a great kit, it's just not a Wednesday kit. Gi' stripes back.
  12. C'mon lads just do the biz tonight. Three points is a must.
  13. Let's just make sure we win and then take it from there.