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  1. You're going to need to change you're handle after today's released list. Dielna from an even bigger distance?
  2. They're big prawns!
  3. Thought we might have kept Sasso tbh.
  4. lee

    I'm a mormon if that helps!
  5. Let's make it extra special by going up as champions! Last time we did that was 1959 six weeks before I made my entrance to the world.
  6. That would have been even worse! we lost that shootout after being 3-0 up!
  7. Cheers mate, that might have just done the trick!
  8. A piece of my jigsaw puzzle definitely went missing on Wednesday night. Right now it's like being in the middle of a bad dream I can't wake up from. Feel like the living dead. Can someone please do a resurrection thread to bring me back round?
  9. I enjoyed reading that post, but at age 58 I can't remember it!
  10. We're all gutted, but we'll get over it. Went for a HT lucky dump yesterday and thought it had done the trick, still can't work out what went wrong!
  11. We will be better and stronger next season but so will everyone else. Some key decisions meed to be made, we are not clinical and ruthless enough.
  12. Bloody hell hope we're not going to do what Brighton did last year.
  13. What's happened to the Chat Room?