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  1. When Brighton bought him, Duffy had just been a key part of one of the best defences in the league, which was amazing considering Blackburn finished in the lower half. Hutton is approaching his 33rd birthday and Mulgrew's just been relegated to League One.
  2. It doesn't require a medical degree to know that a player who seems to pick up a new injury every fortnight is going to struggle for the remainder of his career.
  3. Matias has spent the best part of two seasons inside the treatment room, and I see no end to his injury difficulties. We should cut our losses while there might still be interest from other clubs. On the odd occasion he has played, he's looked utterly lost in our 4-4-2 because he was used to playing as part of a front three in Portugal.
  4. You know exactly what I mean, and you're being deliberately obtuse. Huddersfield were still in with a shout of the top two in mid April going into their game away at Derby. We were never less than ten points away from it. The question I'm asking in this thread is, why can Huddersfield come that close to the top two in the midst of a season and not us?
  5. Yes, you're right. But I was responding to the assertion that my "never troubled the top two" line was incorrect in relation to Huddersfield, and they HAD troubled the top two compared to us.
  6. As above, that's exactly what I'm saying. We eventually finished just above them because of our good run and their bad run coinciding, but we were only ever ten points or more off the automatics whereas they went into the last few weeks with a genuine chance of catching Newcastle with their games in hand.
  7. Yeah, but we didn't beat them, just like we didn't beat about ten other teams. Which is precisely my point. So your argument is that some completely hypothetical graph had us progressing towards the top two, instead of what actually happened over the course of the season? I mean, what's the closest we ever came to the top two? Ten points? Huddersfield still had a chance going into the last few weeks.
  8. Absolutely. We've been miles away from troubling the automatic places for two seasons whilst watching Brighton get in them and Huddersfield almost get in them.
  9. Of course, you can find examples of clubs spending money and achieving nothing to suit your argument. Just as you can point to the Huddersfields of the world and wonder why they got promoted after spending nothing. I just think it's disappointing that everything's been set up wonderfully for Carlos in the last two seasons and we haven't made the progress that other teams have. Houghton took Brighton from a team who finished just above relegation to a team battling for a top two place within a year. Wagner did similar within about 18 months. We haven't looked remotely like troubling the top two despite having more money to spend and more of a base to build on. Why not?
  10. Derby, Norwich and Villa are terrible examples because they're clubs in disarray run by idiots. Derby and Villa have eccentric Chairmen and Norwich don't seem to know what they're doing. I think Ed Balls gave Alex Neil a new contract without telling anybody last season. We're the only club in the league with a Chairman who's both sensible and generous with money. Carlos has had it incredibly easy.
  11. We finished 13th before Carlos arrived and even flirted with the play-offs before a poor end of season run. We had players in the team (Hutchinson, Lee, Lees, Loovens and Westwood) who are still first XI mainstays now. Why do people act like we were fighting relegation? Stuart Gray got us moving in the right direction before Carlos did. Regarding the second specific point, it's a point I've heard a few times and I don't agree with it. I don't think Carlos has been the reason behind any of our existing players improving - the likes of Hutchinson, Lee and Lees were getting better and better before Carlos set foot in Sheffield. I give Chansiri all the credit in the world for the last few seasons, but not Carlos. Do you really think it would have been beyond the talents of any other manager to take a mid-table Championship team with some good players, get millions to spend on fees and wages, and get in the play-offs a couple of times?
  12. We had a good spell in the first half for about 15 minutes, but Derby had the rest of the game under control. That was the point where I realised Carlos was struggling to improve the team and properly integrate the new signings. As Derby slammed home the second goal, I thought: why are we going backwards when Carlos has been given so much money on fees and wages?
  13. He's been a faithful servant for the last three years, but I don't think Westwood is infallible. The eye-catching shot-stopping often wins him the love of fans, but his kicking is awful and he's extremely rash coming off his line. Tearing out of his goal has given away (or almost given away) a number of penalties and goals since he's been with us. I think the most recent example was in the semi at home where he rushed out with cover near him and clattered into Nahki Wells, which should have been a penalty. There's an instance of Westwood rushing out unnecessarily in almost every game. If we got about £5m for him, there would be plenty of similar keepers around for the same money. The only problem is we wouldn't get someone as good, because our recent recruitment has been shocking.
  14. I desperately want to be wrong because he's one of the most honourable men in football, but Carlos will never get us promoted. I came to that conclusion after the 2-0 away to Derby last October, and I've seen nothing to change my mind since.
  15. The fact that this rumour was around last summer makes me believe it's fabricated. Then again, he has got 'Carlos player' written all over him.