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  1. Tribunal would give a decent amount of money and a high sell on percentage. None of this "omg he will go for free next year I hate Wednesday" nonsense.
  2. Pride and Prejudice and George Boyd
  3. I love that you eschewed the much more obvious title here
  4. Been off owlstalk for a couple of weeks. Came back and it's pretty much as expected. I'll be back when something happens
  5. Proper club, my uncle used to live in your town and I have one of your shirts from 1994 when your best ever player played for you. Would be good to see you in the premier league to freshen things up/would be good to see you back where you belong. I love days out in your proper ground, not like your rivals! They are idiots! LOL! Best of luck, just not against us!!! Lots of love JustVisiting
  6. Mariner is a sea word :(
  7. Seems you were correct
  8. I think that's correct. I'm sure someone on here will confirm.
  9. Yes, if necessary after two legs
  10. They don't count in the playoffs.
  11. This Fred
  12. You had to buy them together, there was no facility to move them afterwards.
  13. I read 3200 somewhere mate UTO
  14. I say we should deport anyone who goes on the pitch. I reckon everyone will behave like last year, though, considering we have playoff match to play, and that the team will likely train on it after that.