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  1. Warren Feeney was by far the best loan player I have ever seen. Wish we could get him back for the run in.
  2. Hope he phones football heaven tonight
  3. He's incapable of performing a good interview.
  4. Brighton
  5. Reyt Fred this
  6. Fred of the year
  7. Reyt strike, brilliant angle to watch that goal from
  8. Genuine chance that they could be relegated by then, or that we might confirm it.
  9. Just watched it on big screen in slow motion, definitely over Blackburn
  10. I never had a choice and find it strange when people let their children decide who to support.
  11. I too like the cut of his jib :)
  12. Next to my mum's grave is a grave with tons of tasteless rubbish on. It screams "look how much we are grieving, much more than everyone else". That's how I feel the minutes silence at football matches is becoming, more about showing people your grief rather than actually grieving.