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  1. Boyd and Hunt

    jack hunts a decent full back, replacing him cant be our main priority

    its an hearse priick
  3. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

  4. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    idve allowed it
  5. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    weve started this half more positive
  6. FF to Brighton

    after that first season we had from him, i cant believe how sour its turned....... the twwat
  7. Elev8

    lets be honest, none of us knows much about ffp but DC & his people do & they appear to be doing all they can to get money into the club to get around it to me
  8. That Toyota 'Orrace

    its a no from me
  9. Get Mrbluesky out of this club now

    the carlos out threads have got a bit boring but theyre not as bad as the megson in threads
  10. Answer me 1 question...

    well i was pretty confident when we went 1 up in the play offs
  11. they do their job though....im waiting for wickes to open
  12. Sunderland Goal.

    thats how i saw it
  13. It is time

    jeez mate, youre boring
  14. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    he"ll want him to go to huddersfield
  15. 24th September

    hope our players know its not just a league game