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  1. terry curran didnt mind giving someone a kick
  2. changed your mind about joao then?
  3. reyt
  4. to be fair, he cant really say, "this game will be a piece or wee wee for us"
  5. thats nowt to do with this debate
  6. i think leeds are bigger than us based on the supporters that dont go to matches rather than supporters that do. What i mean is that you see people in leeds shirts allover the country but not so many wednesday outside s yorks. Mind you, we tend to actually go to the games
  7. no point in having these polls, they allow nobbers to give an opinion
  8. he"d be better off on loan in league 1 playing competetive football against seasoned defenders. If he can impress there, by all means recall him to our 1st team squad
  9. when the manager thinks hes ready for the championship he"ll put him in the team. Its a big step from where hes playing now
  10. id go with a PV GW & 2 PTQs
  11. so youre saying they wouldnt let you in if youre not carrying another form of ID? Give up man
  12. whos name have you put it in then cid?
  13. this season was more gutting for me. We had huddersfield beaten until carlos took fletch off..........IDIOT!!!!
  14. yes im more than pleased with hunts improvement
  15. you dont believe that, its just another ***** about rhodes {err female dog}