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  1. if we end up mid table itll be down to messing the ins & outs of the squad for next season, not cos we lost the playoffs
  2. didnt i say if an outstanding youngster was available we should be interested
  3. voted for him to stay but ill be on his back if our style doesnt improve next season
  4. when the youngsters are good enough theyll be in the team
  5. but we dont need more young squad players that wont make the 1st team. Get a quality midfielder & another solid defender & this team will be pushing for automatics next season, we dont need to change too much
  6. if an outstanding youngster is available, of course we should be interested but otherwise, why go back to trawling the lower leagues now we are minted
  7. we"d be mad to let him go
  8. mate thats brilliant. phone chansiri with your idea
  9. i dont get this jordan rhodes scapegoat shiit
  10. how is it a fact!
  11. nobber
  12. nows not the time to talk shiit
  13. clappers are tinpot, we want kazoos