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  1. Yes modou barrow is like lightning, yet couldn't get a sniff at leeds in his loan spell . Shows that pace is nothing unless you have an end product.
  2. We're 8/5 tonight if anyone fancies a dabble.
  3. 1, A marquee team wouldn't have brought any of their star names over. 2, what's it matter who we play? I go to Hillsborough to watch Wednesday not the opposition.
  4. Bringing pace into the squad is one thing, bringing it in with also an end product is another, which will cost a hell of a lot of money. I personally think we will do fine with the wingers we've got, My only gripe is we need to play at a higher tempo from the off especially at home e.g. Norwich last season.
  5. Westwood probably granted more time off after being with Ireland up until 3 weeks ago. The 8 first teamers who weren't in the squad tonight were Westwood, Loovens, Hutchinson, Lee, Wallace, Abdi, Forestieri and Fletcher.
  6. If we're counting Rhodes that will be 4.
  7. Yes I would more or less say so. Add 2 Cb's of quality to that and we have a squad capable of top two this season.
  8. All I can say regarding that formation and line up is I'm glad you aren't our head coach.
  9. He's no better than Hunt.
  10. Mate, Tom Lees is not the best defender in the championship I'm sorry.
  11. Like the promotion winning Bruno at Brighton?
  12. So if he's had that much exposure playing for teams in the premiership for that long then they'd realise that he's got something... right? Or did the spurs, villa and scotland managers keep playing him for a laugh ??
  13. Read this mornings birmingham mail pal. Also check Twitter and read some Villa fan's views on last seasons performances. They are probably a better judgement seeing as they saw him week in week out rather than a selection of our fans who wouldn't have.
  14. I beg to differ on that, Apparantley he was the stand out player for Villa from Xmas onwards. And also how do you know that Villa won't rebuff our approach for him?They haven't even give us permission /accepted a bid as of yet.
  15. I think it's just a tad different comparing Evans' 16 premier league games (the last one being a whole 9 years ago) to 151 games that Hutton has racked up with the last one being the season before last... don't you?