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  1. Fox will very rarely be on the bench if Pudil and Reach are in the match day 18. It would be a waste of a sub.
  2. Ok so how is our game against Ipswich different to the one leeds have next week? Ipswich too have nothing to play for yet apparently we could quite easily slip up there where as you have pretty much given leeds the 3 points.
  3. How can Huddersfield look the most vulnerable? They've also got 3 games left. Us and them are 5 points ahead of Leeds. Leeds HAVE to win 2 games of championship football (no game is easy in this league)in a row and that still may not be enough.
  4. The 10 players that weren't in our matchday 18 yesterday were Dawson Fox Emmanuelson Palmer Matias Hutchinson Abdi Buckley Jones Winnall That is some squad we now have. Add Mcgugan to that and we could field a team out of that lot which wouldn't look out of place in the championship.
  5. Ipswich are absolute dog sheit. I'm not bothered that they've just beaten Newcastle, We should be doing them over next Saturday.
  6. Qpr fans on twitter fuming with their side. Can hammer these today .
  7. We get it mate that you don't think we're as good as leeds. Not particularly sure why to be honest. It's ***** leeds not Real Madrid. We've just beaten Newcastle and played them off the park for 85 mins. I'm sure the thought of playing Leeds won't be giving our players sleepless nights.
  8. Does he come straight back in or does he have to bide his time? For me it's same team as Newcastle game for Friday.
  9. Whilst I'm not against a little 10 minutes at the end to see a game out... however if he started a game in the run in I'd be very worried indeed.
  10. Leeds will be brought into this equation. We will be level on points with them come Friday night.
  11. Starting to show what he's about now with a good run of games. He wasn't the mainstay of Burnley's midfield in their title winning season last year for nothing.
  12. Also add in there leeds away at Newcastle. The table could look very good in our favour come Friday night.
  13. What was more embarrassing was the reactions on here when our team line up was announced.
  14. That's the spirit. So by your reckoning you think both Wigan and Burton are better than us without Hutch?? Because Newcastle have struggled against both those in their last two games.
  15. Yes, Just Abdi I make it that's still out. Everyone else out on the training pitch so excellent news going into the last 6 games.