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  1. Hutchinson and his neon nutsack.
  2. Maybe should have been Whelan. Just gone to Villa for 1.5m. Might have missed out there.
  3. I agree. Sexiest team in the division already.
  4. PM me your address and I'll post you this for when you get round to the manager.
  5. There's a bloke on here who sells award winning pies apparently. Never seen or heard owt myself but a bloke in the swingers club told me while his wife was noshing me off.
  6. More of a panty pad with the wings connection.
  7. The only football shirts I've ever bought as a grown man are obscure foreign teams made by obscure foreign manufacturers. The idea of my team actually wearing such a kit is both sexy and funky. Add to this our style guru of a manager having some input into the whole thing and I'm now equally intrigued and aroused. The casual range of 'Toni Island will be the envy of the land.
  8. The hope, the positivity, the realism, the treating of the new season as a blank page, the oozing of confidence in CC and the lads before the derby games, the constant celebration of our current players' best qualities and the greeting with open arms of new players and new ideas in the relatively new world we've found ourselves in. Most of all I'm looking forward to this forum and this section when the season starts so I can come in here and feast on all the things above.
  9. Both nice if true. Like the golden touch and the 150 years bit and even the stars are ok for a year. Shadow stripes in the home kit as a nod to the traditionalists. Both plus the white one are all better than last season's.
  10. Young sub had missed already One goal, one save from Wembley Up stepped Forestieri And I just knew he'd roger up All bad things have a reason Wasn't meant to be last season One Five O years believing Now watch The Wednesday go up While we laugh at that lot fuckup
  11. That's worrying because so does my mate and he just sent me this.
  12. I think this also may be the case with FF.
  13. Definitely off then But seriously, lad who told me normally gets stuff right but not always. UTO Kev
  14. Rumour he's off to West Ham. Shoot me if this has already been posted.