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  1. Why oh why do Owls fans insist on picking at open wounds ? Roll on the New season !
  2. Norwich away Blades home 16/12/2017 1730 ko
  3. Woulda Coulda Shoulda. it's all History mate we can't do anything about what has gone, we can only influence what lies ahead.
  4. Some mardy Arse chunts wait two weeks after end of season to throw shitte at Carlos based on result of a match that has nothing to do with us. FFS get over it and start looking forward !
  5. So a big sigh of relief but make no mistake Dean Ramsdale is a big loss.
  6. Tight budget, what are Burnley doing with their money ?
  7. Bits of paper, Pens, dotted lines, Ink dried on the line.
  8. They lead 1-0 but lost 4-1 I can't tell if he features.
  9. Not seen him on video yet ?
  10. I expected viewing lines, gangways, paths, toilets, kiosks and the like.
  11. A Cladding design rip off rather than a Kop Mock up though in it ?
  12. There's that phrase again. Order the paint for West Stand roof
  13. You're right. Totally meaningless graph obviously showing teams with smallest squads giving more first team minutes to youngsters
  14. A little unfair. We have and continue to develop but we don't have the same kind of tools in the box as Chelsea. Maybe 3-5-2 or even 3-6-1 with FF heading a central diamond, but we are 2 CB's short at the moment and lacking numbers of those who could play wing back. No manager can nail the players from his wish list so we have to be patient and adapt. We can't go to the Prem just because we want it !
  15. Great piece of garble and misquotes explains a win v loss % of 52 v 28