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  1. Weir there's a will there's a way !
  2. All got the wrong Oliver Cromwell, surprised Oliver Cromwell failed to point that out together with the fact that he commissioned one of the first ever Football trophies (Cromwell Cup).
  3. " Hello stranger, I'm Mr Ed....Wait ! I'll start again, I'm not Mr Ed; I'm in the Know "
  4. What a great nick name ..... Dinks
  5. Yeah, lots of peas ! you never know when you'll be called on for your half-time dump.
  6. Does the phrase "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" mean anything to you ? Good ! So it don't matter who you play when it counts for nothing ! Glad I've ironed that out for you
  7. Look at it this way. Whether McGugan decides to stay or go, the inescapable fact is ...McGugan has Gone !
  8. I guess it doesn't matter any more !
  9. Lucas Joao was brought in as one for the future. After an excellent start he gave a glimpse of his potential. It would be a shame if that exploded on us while on loan. Keep him here and use his pace, he will win a place given a little patience.
  10. Looks more like a pigs trotter to me !
  11. Once bitten twice shy with Everton signings. Always remember the Andy Hinchcliffe medical when he was brought in on a stretcher
  12. He's now going out with a friend of Mr Chansiri, a certain Miss Moneypenny.
  13. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if his key target is in the bag and has been for a little while. The info I got from a couple of Turkish pals seemed sound but at odds with what he was saying about Championship Centre Backs.
  14. If that doesn't make you cross, nothing will