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  1. MUFC Misogynist United Football Club
  2. A big well done, our fans should make a bit of an effort to ensure a good few turn up for the playoff v Millwall
  3. Every dog has had his day and the odd off day. Mr Consistency for me has to be Kieran Westwood.
  4. No Refunds, win at Ipswich then we'll have a SINGATHON !
  5. If you love Green Crinkly stuff so much I have a few old Green-uns you can have or why don't you have a spread bet on your Grannies death
  6. Condolences to all Nigels friends, family and buddies at the Handsworth Junior Sporting Club. RIP.
  7. There are no severely restricted views
  8. little typo, drunk on suck Ces. Lovely bloke Ces !
  9. Ant there is the original Kop transported all the way from the Transval We even brought the tree with us !
  10. Given the normal run of circumstantial eventualities they do need to worry. We should too because football rarely gives you the normal run of circumstantial eventualities !
  11. Just for a second there I thought Rowett was going to say something !
  12. Over two Legs or at Wembley I'd rather take on Leeds. I know what one says about style but I fancy our chances better with the doors and windows closed !
  13. Westwood 9 MOM for that late save and other blocks. Hunt 7.5 Lees 8 First half reminded me of Roland and Shez the number of times he found jack Hunt. Loovens 7 Pudil 7.5 Wallace 7.5 Lee 8 Bannan 7.5 Reach 7.5 Hooper 8.5 Fletcher 7 Semedo 7 Rhodes 7 FF 7