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  1. Not surprising that average players who play week in week out, asked him to stay.
  2. Out of contract at Reading Should be our number one target this summer
  3. Currently our best centre back
  4. No we don't, his contract expired after that last penalty was taken
  5. Marco Silva
  6. Westwood Lees Hutchinson Loovens Hunt Wallace Bannan Reach Hooper Rhodes Forestieri
  7. Sasso's better than both - can actually bring the ball out from the back as well. Get a Lewis Dunk next to him and we'd be sorted
  9. Been better than Lees this season
  10. Sounds like we'll be in for Rhodes but near the deadline, once we've got rid of a few players. Big smile when discussing Hourihane as well. It's all happening.
  11. Playing right back when you don't have to defend for 20 minutes is a bit different to playing a full 90 minutes up against a winger
  12. I agree with CC Definitely back to our best performance wise yesterday, got our fluidity back. Keep performing like that and the wins (& goals) will come very quickly.
  13. Big difference between lazy and not running around like a headless chicken
  14. Seen a few quotes on twitter taken off here, mainly about Chansiri's comments about stripes on the kit and they're simply just not true
  15. Fucccck that viva la new badge viva la new kit viva la actually having good players viva la new Wednesday