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  1. Well we know who to contact when CC finally gets hounded out.
  2. Nothing in The Star, so can't be true. There's a great article about fans singing in Portugal though. Here the latest from a newspaper that employs journalists.
  3. Mental - here it is. More proof of what I'm talking about. Tiny minds dreaming up poo
  4. Awaits Huddersfield to get brought up!
  5. There are 10+ other clubs spending money also, only 3 can get promoted. Can people handle that?
  6. There's a few teams that are spending and probably thinking the same about promotion and only 3 teams can go up. I think we should think about teaming up with the Samaritans now! Get a special helpline ready
  7. Jesus, this is depressing already and the season hasn't even started. We were all disappointed we didn't go up last year, get over it and move on. Where were these people when when we were truely bobbar? For about 20 years, not a small period of time. Theres more animosity against the current manager and chairman, than against Chris Turner, Dave Allen, Dave Richards, David Pleat, Danny Wilson, etc seem to ever have. And before you say, well he's more money to spend. In comparison, Turner brought loads of players in when in a crap league and the likes of Pleat and Wilson spent loads. It's bloody weird.
  8. Old Schmidt Born there, not raised. I mean a proper penalty taking machine player raised on Bundesliga and breathes to defend and win. Maybe a mullet thrown in
  9. We need a German and a Swede centre back. We never have German players do we.
  10. Shame about Gardner to be honest..he was a good player
  11. How many did we concede? Did we get thrashed I was busy, so not sure if the score. Sorry
  12. Can someone clear something up for me please; where's the evidence or what makes people think that transfers are nothing to do with the manager?
  13. So we've employed a guy who worked in the Ukraine and taken a club from nonwhere commercially to a club that has decent coverage and March you can buy Europe wide; and he has to wait for DC to give the thumbs up on everything little thing?
  14. Just out of interest.. who in this thread a) is genuinely affected by the prices and it's put them off buying one b) is a current box holder and is not renewing c) is going to buy one and thinks it's not too bad d) until this thread had not thought about the exec box prices, couldn't ever afford one anyway, and is just having a good old moan