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  1. thats not time wasting thats game management.
  2. I'm probably on my own here but I thought QPR down at their place only looked a couple of players off being a half decent team.
  3. If I'm honest I don't think yesterdays problems had an awful lot to do with the TO staff.
  4. Away leg ticket just arrived in todays post, can't fault TO staff for processing and despatch. After yesterdays wee wee tail up I thought they deserved a bit of praise when they get stuff right, well done.
  5. his mate Semedo is getting this sorted..................................................................................... nailed on
  6. I do and I will. PS I also go to nearly all away games.
  7. yep, Id go along with that. Last shirt I bought was the 2012 Honda one, think my days of buying shirts have gone. [I had intended to buy the anniversay shirt but I think I'll give it a miss]
  8. I've thought that, surely worth a try.
  9. personally i'd go with this, having said that I will be at Oakwell on Saturday and will join in the minutes applause. R.I.P Sean, condolences to your family and freinds
  10. I used to do that as well.
  11. didn't he say that he wanted as few visiting fans as possible in Hillsborough, he wants fans cheering us on not the opposition.
  12. us 6th on 78 points just above Fulham on 77 points. Newcastle top 102 points, Brighton second 99 points. Then Huddersfield, Leeds, Reading Bristol City, Wigan, Millers for the drop.
  13. yep and worse still probable.
  14. I've chucked a few quid in. Best wishes to the future F.I.L.