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  1. Where did you read that?
  2. I hope I am not tempting fate by asking if anybody knows kick off time of Championship play off final on 29th May. I have looks at various web sites but can't see a kick off time anywhere.
  3. I am not bothered who scores as long as we win.
  4. I am glad you are not the manager then.
  5. Didn't go to English language in school by the looks of it. Sorry. Didn't go to Maths in school. Record stretches 27 years.
  6. I have not seen anything about 'Owls in the Park' for 2017. Does anybody know if and when it is scheduled for?
  7. Sorry, I missed that. How many wins has he got from his 99 matches as a matter of interest?
  8. If Cardiff is Carlos's 100th game then another 10 matches would be 110 matches so how can he win 50% of the 1st 100 matches.
  9. Your comment probably got Southie 7 or 8 more plusses than he would normally have got.
  10. Do you mean Nijinsky and Devon Loch?
  11. Sorry to have to correct you but the referee and assistants got it completely wrong. If a defender encroaches it is only a retake if the penalty is missed, the goal stands if scored. What book are you referring to? It is obviously not the 'Laws of association football'.
  12. It usually means that he is training with the first team squad rather than being inside in the gym or treatment room.
  13. That qualification wasn't available at our school. I trust you passed at your's.
  14. No. Just did spelling at school.
  15. Speechless even.