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  1. Shef wedsneigh

    Betting doesn't work like that I'm afraid. If everyone on the Kop had £75 to win, the odds would probably tumble to odds on and everyone would win enough for a match day ticket if they were lucky.
  2. Ordering tickets on line.

    Thanks. I will do that in future. I still find it odd that you are not allowed to order tickets for friends and family using your own account.
  3. Can anybody out there help with the following? I have logged on to my account to order tickets for friends and family who have the requisite loyalty points for the Burton Albion match. Unfortunately it will not allow me to place an order. Is it because I (as lead name) haven't enough points?
  4. Oh dear. You mean tenuous I assume.
  5. Trouble in the crowd?

    Can somebody translate that into English please.
  6. Club News

  7. iFollow SWFC Annual pass.

    I did exactly the same. Presumably it was transferred across from Wednesday Player subscription.
  8. iFollow SWFC Annual pass.

    Thanks. That's how I originally read it but still not 100% confident. Only time will tell I suppose.
  9. I am still confused regarding what is available with the £45 Annual pass (which I have subscribed to). I have a simple question. Will the Rangers match be available to watch live or will it be commentary only?
  10. Wednesday Women

    Ryan Jones.
  11. Wednesday Women

    Kenwynne Jones, Rob Jones, David Jones, Brad Jones. There must be more.
  12. Injury update

    He was referring to Kieran Westwood, not Kieran Lee. Don't know what's up with Lee.
  13. I agree. Hardly a stunnet. (What's a stunnet by the way?)
  14. Joe Wildsmith

    There is no contradiction. Wildsmith was not out of contract.