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  1. No Winnall today

    Nuhiu is also up there with that lot
  2. No Winnall today

    His technical ability and his goal and assist contribution is wee wee poor
  3. Boyd

    I want to see how Boyd does at home should see more of his attacking side
  4. No Winnall today

    19 goals in 142 apps "mate"
  5. No Winnall today

    Not true? You clearly haven't watched him then have you, just watched a handpicked highlight reel on YouTube haven't you
  6. Boyd

    Did he offer more than Wallace the last 2 games ? Both defensively and offensively ?
  7. No Winnall today

    Better than me? Great argument, he's a professional footballer you moron of corse he's better than me, these appearances you talk of, how many goals did he get in these 142 ?
  8. No Winnall today

    The freakish amount of times nuhiu has been on the pitch and we've lost the ball or its bounced off him or he forgets the ball, outweighs the 'freakish' amount of goals we supposedly score with him on the pitch
  9. No Winnall today

    Freakish? Behave yourself, he's a striker foremost so show me his scoring record? If he told winnall to go on and hold the ball up he would do just that, nuhiu is awful
  10. No Winnall today

    Whichever way you look at it nuhiu is awful and should be nowhere near the squad
  11. No Winnall today

    Nuhiu is superior apparently
  12. Fulham Tho!

    Fulham tho
  13. Do we all feel a bit better now?

    A lot better, we know we have the team/squad capable of this type of result and performance it's just frustrating but hopefully we've turned the corner
  14. Fletcher

    Totally agree he doesn't ever have a bad game lately
  15. Daniel Pudil

    He's been awful at left back legs seem to have gone but credit where it's due he's been excellent against Sunderland and today