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  1. He is a class act
  2. Same goes for nuhiu and he keeps getting on the pitch for us
  3. Lifted my spirits slightly this
  4. Gary Taylor-fletcher mk2
  5. Fans got behind team that's all the control we had, stupid post
  6. So talented jus hasn't looked the same since the whole refusing to play thing let's be honest
  7. Nuhiu good at winning headers? Ah oreyt
  8. Another thread about the away goals
  9. Best atmosphere iv ever heard at hillsborough that night
  10. No way he should even be anywhere near the squad
  11. Annoying as flip horrible things
  12. Them clappers did my head in all game
  13. Come on Wednesday let's take a lead back to hillsborough then sing the boys over the line on Wednesday night!
  14. Wide awake at 6am couldn't get back to sleep, come on Wednesday!