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  1. possibly specific training gear/wear or someone sponsored by Nike I like the look of the Lacatomi stuff .. looks decent. Would definitely invest but for petes sake ... WHERE ARE THE NEW KITS!!!!!!!
  2. Good idea that - few games at hillsborough or something, local, cheap, make it in to a carnival atmosphere or whatever ..
  3. I don't believe he was 3rd choice at Charlton? I thought he was their number 1 left back. Just had a quick look at his stats on soccerbase and it says that he played 45 games in 2015/16 and 30 games before signing for us in the 2016/17 season. Not bad going for a 3rd choice centre back personally i think the jumps been a bit too steep for him at hte moment and he's looked a bit fragile in games. Needs a good run out but its whether we can afford to let him do that with our expectations
  4. Personally i want us to sign Kyle Bartley and i think that would be the defence pretty much sewn up. IF we can bring in another defensive midfield grafter with the ability to get up and down the pitch then great - same with a pacy winger or forward to offer us something different. We are really lacking blistering pace at the moment which has needed addressing since Antonio and even JJ left
  5. wheres that youtoob vid of him with his best bits - get that banged on! can't sell him after watching that! flipping diamond of a player! Goal Vs QPR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vvh9UDx7k8 2014/2015 GOALS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcJECDOgwMU The Best of Adthe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAigudCMVeg
  6. best bit about this thread is the Swiss Tony video!!
  7. with the right player at the side of him Huddlestone would be a force to be reckoned with at any team in the championship Yes he'll need a grafter at the side of him, but he offers a hell of a lot more going forward in terms of vision and passing then maybe what we have at the moment .. just question marks over his work rate and his ability to get around the pitch - haven't really seen him in last couple of years for Hull
  8. Interesting .. good spot wonder if the blue will have all the names of historical players and key words in the SWFC history - guessing based on their swfc strapline picture thing.
  9. £3m is derisory, however if they came in with a substantial bid then no doubt it would be accepted and Westwood would probably be on his way ..
  10. sell them off on the cheap, agree mutual contract termination, loan them out for 6-12 months and either have their wages paid in full or subsidise them. That would give us move movement to bring in someone else that might contribute more (might!)
  11. yeah we bought him, its not worked out here whether thats down to him or someone else. maybe the same with him, get rid loan or full transfer and bring in someone else.
  12. i'm inclined to agree - i'd probably get rid and bringing in someone with a proven non-injury record!
  13. really hope this is all rumours .. he's 33 and bloody guff now. He'll probably sign for a team north of the border as well
  14. I'd look to remove GK: Kean DF: Fox (loan) MF: Mattias (loan), Mcgugan, Melo ST: Joao, Nuhiu
  15. Bartley would be an EXCELLENT addition to the squad After his season with Leeds, i posted that him and Caulker signing to shore up the back line would be amazing bit of business I think this would be a fantastic signing if we can pull it off. Fingers crossed