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  1. You might be right!
  2. I just pray we play better at Preston than we did there last season Was a truly woeful performance
  3. Yeah but 1500 of those need netting off as some of our fans stand up...
  4. Our marketing dept, cough, will probably announce it the night before the game
  5. I think we can agree to disagree. My memories of last season are largely watching whist being bored to tears Of course i take a scrappy 1-0 win at home to cardiff, But it was awful to watch, with the players we have that shouldn't be the case. Yes we have to scrap out some games but it was the majority last season
  6. I agree to a point. I want to see us win. A few years ago you accepted it was probably going to be dire because let's face it we had crap players so 3 points and I'm delirious Now though we have star quality in comparison and yet the football is largely just as dire. That's what p1sses me off. Given the quality we have, we are dull and boring to watch.
  7. True, but would you settle for the same level of entertainment next season? If we finished 4th again? Like is say, the last 7 games rescued the season. Hooper and Lee returning no doubt played a part BUT i watched some pitiful performances last year with a very exciting (on paper) squad. I also noticed how unfit we looked several times, most noticably against Udders in semi
  8. And i think threads like this show just how much we need a timelapse webcam of the pitch growing
  9. I think what he means is the last 7 games papered over some yawning cracks... I think we perhaps forget just how dull and boring we were to watch most of last season.
  10. Tactically fell short in both deciders. We also lacked fitness last season. Hopefully we've put that right although the guy is Portuguese who we've brought in
  11. We've got a squad that should be more than capable of getting out of this league. It just needs managing properly IMO
  12. To be fair the darts sets are good. Seriously the quality and vfm of the items in that shop are pathetic
  13. Nobody is slagging him off. Youre right, nobody has an idea what he does, that's the point. He's a commercial director or whatever and yet commercially we are inept. Literally I've not heard anything from him in the press or tinterweb since he started, I find that strange given his role. You'd at least expect some sound bites
  14. No but in 12 months I expect something. What commercially has changed that anyone would notice? What are all these ideas he came in with from shakhtar? Must be ground breaking when they arrive.
  15. Think you 2 are missing my point. He was brought in to rejuvenate our commercial capability. Ive not seen anything to suggest he's actually done anything yet