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  1. Agree to a point but i actually think Hutch is a bigger problem when playing a 442 Far too deep. Leaves a massive gap. What is clear after this season is we need a commanding CB and we need to keep Hooper and Lee fit
  2. We must be looking to offload a fair few if he wants 4 or 5 in
  3. It's the comfy seats bit in the south.. £1,000 a ticket They will be netted off next year...
  4. Probably get pelters for this...but Hutch can't play in CM in a 442 He just sits far too deep and it alters the whole shape of the team. In defence we need a towering beast who is dominant in the air. On the wing we need pace, we are desperately lacking an out ball..
  5. There was also a christmas last year....! CC said last week that he was going back home for a long weekend before returning to sheffield on Tuesday
  6. I saw the same pic a year ago mate
  7. That's last year.
  8. lee

    It's possible to be a moron AND like Kieran Lee? if so I'm in
  9. We need someone commanding in the air at the back. Hutch isn't
  10. The money would have been good for the players pockets. That's about it
  11. "Publicly trashed" Don't be alarmist and silly. If he hadn't explained it you'd be moaning that Carlos never gives us any info
  12. ! yeah it can to him inside 6 yard box, he did well to make room for the shot but it hit a defenders trailing leg.. unlucky I suppose
  13. I'm talking about his chance in the first period of et
  14. We need to find another... Anthony Gardner Nigel Worthington Mooy