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  1. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    Boyd is a good player and would improve the squad. However we have to address the issue of Pace. Both in defence and out wide
  2. Hooper

    What do you mean if he signs? He wasn't signed on loan with a view to a permanent move. He was signed on loan with the deal becoming perm when the loan expires. All because the initial paperwork was late.
  3. We need to go out with the same attitude we had vs Newcastle at home. Whatever happened in the dressing room before that game needs bottling up and releasing before every match. Far too many times last year we didn't look up for it from the off. If CC is recognising that and has a plan then fine. Let's see
  4. Next season kit

    Stopped reading after shop
  5. Next season kit

    Sondico contract runs out tomorrow night
  6. Record Transfers

    Our transfers are nearly always "undisclosed" so i'm calling horsesh!t
  7. Problem with Joao is he's crap
  8. Eyad Hammoud

    Won't believe it until there's an official pic of him having a kiddies meal in Nandos
  9. Think you will change your tune when he bags 20+ next season
  10. Good He's a top striker at this level Give him the service and he'll hit the net.
  11. Next season kit

    You might be right!
  12. Bedding in New Players

    I just pray we play better at Preston than we did there last season Was a truly woeful performance