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  1. So think that one through.. We've won our last 5. Hudds have reached a dip apparently and Leeds have taken 4 points from 18. Yes it must be obvious to a talk sport presenter that we would miss out being 5 points clear with 2 games left We may well miss out but how 3 pundits can justify predicting it is beyond me
  2. Classy... I think people (including me) were more than entitled to question the performances and some of the tactical decisions.. What for me has been a major surprise is just how much we've missed Hooper and Lee.
  3. It's either that or be killed by one of those dangerous flying werthers on one of our death defyingly dangerous concourses
  4. What a complete joke. Fulham have all the top tier minus about 1500 netted off seats? It's incredible
  5. You must have been wearing fire retardant kecks
  6. Sold out with 6,000 empty seats Just great
  7. Everything about that shirt is spot on.. Proper black shorts and hooped socks would look immense
  8. Never write any game off in this league. It's been proved time and time again that anyone can beat anyone on there day
  9. When old rog ran across a bridge of alligators... what a lad
  10. Even better considering the capacity is 30,000
  11. Bannan is clearly letting one rip
  12. Yeah but knowing them they'll reduce it... a few lads stand in the north..means all the other stands have to have a netted off section... and we are only allowed 1 person per sq yard in the concourses .. oh and tv's, flasks, scarves, flags, ties, flat caps etc aren't allowed in.
  13. Only wednesday fans would be thinking the negatives out of being 5 points clear with 2 games left! Me included btw!
  14. Imagine Lee and a fit and firing Abdi alongside