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  1. Shouldnt be long then
  2. Have to agree, this is by far the most sensible approach. A couple of quality additions and a clear way forward for the season and a hopefully some luck with injuries (Lee and Hooper)
  3. A bit extreme
  4. And if it goes to some like RW does that make us a one man team as we only score when he plays? Westwood has been a mainstay for 2yrs and it's well deserved.
  5. I don't like anyone doing DA a favour but the irony of it being Macabre...
  6. Get in. Hooper is the man we have been missing!!
  7. Where are you going wee man? Back to the gym and give me another hundred.
  8. Wonder if that Chesterfield fan one of those who wouldnt listen when Wednesday fans said getting in to bed with Dave Allen et al was a bad idea
  9. Says JS24 underneath so must be Semedo's.
  10. A bit like the last 20 goal a season striker we had a certain Steve Maclean, but don't forget tap-ins and pens don't count on OT
  11. Hahahaha shouldn't have played Winnall cause he hadn't bonded with the squad!!