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  1. Carlos hasn't helped him by constantly playing him even when out of form and we had Almen Abdi on the bench. I am not a Bannan fan when he tries to play as a 3rd centre half. When he pushes up between the opposites midfield and defence he is a much better player. Interesting to see what happens when Hutch comes back, because Bannan has to be dropped. But Carlos will probably drop Reach and play bannan on the left.
  2. Best player. Ross Wallace Most improved player. Jack Hunt Best home performance. Villa Best away performance. Newcastle Best away team. Reading Best away player. Periera Best addition to the squad. Adam Reach
  3. Top idea - Wear the home kit for home matches. Away kit for away matches.
  4. Need to get over it. In 50 years time, the new owner will come in and go back to stripes. There will be a huge uproar as for the last 50 years we have played in solid blue. It happens, get over it.
  5. Thank you
  6. SYP say different. Think you have tinted specs on. East cost has everything to do with it, the connections from London all the way to the North East will go through Doncaster/York, so the accessibility will suit for Leeds. The North West is heavily populated with large Stadia, so to have one in Yorkshire, Leeds would be the preferred location in my opinion. Although neither will get it, I also forgot the Olympic Stadium, and Villa Park, maybe even Pride Park and the KP ahead of Hillsborough. . Hillsborough is nowhere near ready for holding occasions such as this, we cant even handle a home game against the lower teams in the league. When the Blades come next season, maximum 30,000 attendance.
  7. This one. Elland Road, can hold more than 30,000 fans. Bigger City than Sheffield, better transport links for the East Coast.
  8. If the season had started in January, Hunt would be my current vote for player of the season.
  9. Think we would take advantage and make it a british isles based World Cup, rather than England. Wembley Hampden Old Trafford Emirates Etihad Celtic Park Anfield New White Hart Lane Ibrox Millenium Stadium Others Stadium of Light ST James' Park Elland Road Stamford Bridge Goodison All ahead of Hillsborough.
  10. Hunt gets my vote for most improved
  11. That's a good shout.
  12. Ill do what I want. I'm gaffer of my preferred team.
  13. Even for the play off semi final away last season it was only 700 points.
  14. Allocation only 500 different.
  15. They say tickets cant sell out on day 1. Highest points category against Rotherham was 710tpp, but for this game 770+