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  1. £1m seems fair. Sell him.
  2. Kieran Lee
  3. Only Milwall in this league that I haven't done. Could really do with a promotion or a relegation to pick up some new grounds. Envious that them Blades have spent time in the last 10 years across 3 divisions. Bet a few of there fans have racked up loads. Of the current 92 I have done 60. Total grounds overall being 77. Only 24 years of age, so many years ahead to pick up the grounds. Grounds like White Hart Lane and Upton park are grounds that I sadly haven't had the opportunity to go to. 111 is impressive. Well done.
  4. First time in 20 years where we will be clear favourites against them I would imagine.
  5. Lopez is not the answer. A fan base obsessed on bringing a player back who had about 8 good games for us. Get real.
  6. Good, everyone should be held accountable for last seasons debacle.
  7. Fixed it for you.
  8. Hope they bring back the Vimtoad. He gave me many moments of joy.
  9. Stephen McPhail. Now that's a name for sore eyes.
  10. Id argue that maybe only Brighton in the football league have had better consistency than Wednesday in the last 2 season.
  11. The target was promotion. Did we get promoted?
  12. I'm not sure what the argument is that you are trying to raise. All I am saying is he has had 2 seasons here and we have failed as a unit in both seasons. Can we realistically see his performances increase to a level above where we have seen him before? If yes then it warrants a reason for him to stay. If no, lets use it as a good business opportunity and use the sale of Fernando to improve other areas of the field.
  13. No I didn't say that after Forest. But the fact of the matter is he is not bigger than the club, on his day he is unplayable. But that day is oh to rare.