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  1. Andy McCulloch.....even braver (dafter) than Chapman, in terms of where he would put his head.
  2. I am biased, I accept, as I cannot commit to a Season Ticket, or afford to attend all but the lower category games (3 kids!), but do I blame DC? No - I blame greedy players, agents, etc. DC has no choice but to pay outlandish, exorbitant wages if he wants to compete for the best players, and he is ambitious enough to do so. To finance this, he has to increase income as far as he can, due to FFP regulations. So.....the FFP rules imposed upon clubs actually work against the average fan. But enough off that, off-topic stuff - I reckon 30k plus on Sunday, and hope everyone enjoys watching the start point of a great journey back to the EPL! UTO.
  3. Both deals have been done, and Club are all set for unveiling and traditional photograph on the pitch....but we can't afford 2 new Home Shirts until DC gives the go ahead.....