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  1. Wait.....what is this.....Yes, yes I can see it....it's white smoke father, it's coming from Vatican!
  2. Just off the Yellow tram?
  3. Photos of him in a real Wednesday shirt are currently unavailable
  4. Defeat by Chavs at the Chavs stadium say no more
  5. Did they use fingers to paint the stripes?
  6. You mean you go through the door?
  7. As long as he's better than him, his commentry skills are gash
  8. An hostralian named 'Con' whatever next?
  9. Pigs would go ape şhïť if we signed Herman Munster
  10. You do realise not one person will take note of that
  11. Prefer the 83-91 'attack horse'
  12. At full speed it must as been impossible to see
  13. 2:28 - 'Best thing about this game is the sky'
  14. wish he'd keep the camera still. Did he just say 'Baaaaaarnsley'