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  1. Amazing finally got fit then bang shown the door... Disgraceful lol.
  2. Doesn't that make your pïss steam?
  3. 330 grand
  4. Some "experts" also thought Fulham were real Madrid
  5. Gis a job
  6. Why is he talking to Uri Gellar?
  7. Zabelletta & Brunt - YES Chances of either - 0%
  8. Dafuq?
  9. Pronounced 'cat shıt'?
  10. And you know that for a fact do you?
  11. 7
  12. They have a German coach. Of course they were well prepared for penalties.
  13. Back of the kop, string vest, cigar and leggings on shout We love you Wednesday we do!
  14. Ey up sailor I think I heard