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  1. Bloody awful player among the worstestestest
  2. Al Arabia sports XI only available in Kazakhstan with a square 3 metre dish
  3. Agreed calls them unts instead much more fitting.
  4. COLIN
  5. Was compared to Gary Taylor Felcher
  6. I believe a car park is the best option
  7. Not sure, you can only see his left arm? tough one?
  8. Owls 4 Brentford 0 Rhodes 3 Winnall 1
  9. dual purpose, thats why its such a bargain price!
  10. Worth a quid on both
  11. Snow white's looking for you George.......that dwarf annoys me.
  12. Take your hand off his c0ck should do it
  13. Waterlogged pitch? Floodlights failure? Aliens landing?