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  1. The negativity and criticism has been brought on by Carlos himself though by his choice of teams, tactics adopted, lack of a Plan B and bizarre substitutions. To then blame the poor play and player lack of confidence on the negativity of fans is a bit ironic really Carlos should perhaps get to grips with a well known saying "you reap what you sew" He got plaudits for getting it right last year. Man up and take it when the going gets tough, but perhaps his history shows when it does he gets going
  2. Can the kick off be delayed until err about 3 weeks time #lightweight
  3. I agree with the OP on this Its a trend with recent managers, think Megson all tub thumping and cold showers but the novelty wore off and the football became methodic, Jones took that squad and got them playing to their strengths but once promoted we stalled, Gray took over and again transformed a side that had become dour into a more adventurous side. However once he got his feet under the table the risks he had taken to get the job were cut and the football became grim. There were a lot of calls for Gray to be given a chance with a bigger budget but I wasn't one of them. I was sceptical of the CC appointment, the run rate on unknown overseas managers coming into British football I reckon is 2/3 disappear just as quickly. He proved many people, certainly me, wrong on that score, but whilst he is ok I don't think he is the tactical genius many believe to be the case. If last year the sum was greater than the individual parts then I consider the reverse applies this year, the sum is less than the total of the individual parts. I think loss of form, complacency of players on new contracts, egos of new players, but also 2nd season syndrome are all playing a part. The recurring manner of this season to me "is when we click" and I just don't see it happening. I firmly believe concentrate on your own strengths, let the opposition worry about you when we have probably the 3rd best squad in the Division
  4. Nearly had a fight with the bloke next to me and the one in front. I was a tad fed up after the 2nd goal went in and the manner of the performance so i ranted for about 2 minutes about it whilst their player was being stretchered off. They took exception and I took exception to them taking exception. I apologised at HT because even for me it was an exceptional rant. All valid points I would modestly suggest
  5. I haven't seen the video but I thought it was a corner for the 2nd so didn't moan about it at the time. Hence i can see why it was given and we got one early in the 2nd which was even more dubious. More worried about our defending of it. Let's be right their chap should have scored just before as well
  6. Just got back took ages to get out from Claywheels Lane but then thru town to A57 no probs. Blooming nasty looking smash northbound at Watford Gap though - traffic that bad fire engines were struggling to get to the incident
  7. Still saying scheduled to be closed at Junction 34 from 21.30 - but its not officially happening until it happens which is right useful. I would avoid if you can
  8. No problem - I don't want to upset my sat nav lady anyhow
  9. Yep if you can. Don't really know that side of town other than the main routes
  10. Just spoke with the helpline - it is scheduled to be closed but that doesn't mean it will be as they only know for certain an hour or two before. Had a good chat about Chris Waddle though
  11. Having looked at the App one bit says Lane 1 and 2 closed from 21.30. Then another bit says Lane 2 and 3 ! Going to work on basis it's shut. Alternative is A61 to Chesterfield and then go to Jn 29 (I think)
  12. What I did last week - I have a tweet request to Highways Agency see if that elicits a response as the website is as clear as mud
  13. L**ds
  14. Pity I didn't look at the rest of the threads FFS