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  1. What 2 years before he took over
  2. At least we don't have to endure the "why can't they give us 5000 more tickets " or tales of folk going to Reading to get tickets in their end, spouting on about it on social media then shocked when the rules get changed
  3. Not sure what was worse not making Wembley or the fact I will be in Wales instead
  4. I think I can safely live with a top 2 finish, 15 points clear of 3rd and celebrating in the first week of April
  5. Everybody who didn't have a season ticket will now be able to afford one from the weekend savings as I presume there weren't just glory seekers
  6. I don't know I am getting there earlier and parking further away each time - round Claywheels Lane area. There were loads parked well up the back road to Foxhill and a load near the church just down from the pub and around the corner which I hadn't seen before. Take away the Wednesdayite car park and that is another 600 cars to find space for and our disabled supporters are simply going to struggle to get close by.
  7. Well I would flounce but I have 2 more years of my season ticket FFS
  8. Well yes that's true - though my personal fave was up here when they closed 3 lanes for safety while someone mowed the grass verges at 11pm at night
  9. Fair to say anyone who had to use the M1 post evening matches this season will testify that forward planning over the start time of roadworks is not a local speciality
  10. Just bring them coppers in with the guns and one that looks a bit trigger happy
  11. The good news it's now tarmacked. Just pretend you are going to the cinema there and park for nowt
  12. I am going to sit in a contemplative mood
  13. Booing our players
  14. Well Sam 779 is going with the FF start and he seems ITK these days
  15. Cautiously pessimistic. But been watching on that basis for 43+ years now so not going to change me now.