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  1. The debate on prices will never go away I don't think the chairman worries unduly about revenue maximization on a game by game basis. It is all about steering us home fans into committing for a season ticket. But let's be clear when you are putting £13m in as he did last season getting a 2000 more Geordies in at a fairer price might generate after VAT and levies 40k compared to the route above. Factor in additional stewarding and police and is it worth it. Didn't he go on record as saying he wanted minimal away fans in the stadium. I remember the 4-2 Varadi game in 83/ 84 and 42k plus in the stadium about a third Geordies. Those days are long gone
  2. He'll be smoking for Thailand if we lose tonight
  3. Simple answer I was impressed with him last season. This season I expected us to kick on a bit further especially given the resources made available. By your own stats we are a mere 3 points ahead of the comparable stage last season. On the pitch I have seen some insipid performances Your stats conspicuously avoid the away form. We have scored 18 goals away in case you are asking. To raise said points to me is not being negative. We will have to agree to disagree if you think otherwise
  4. With twice as much money
  5. We will agree to disagree on this. The performance level is pretty good when compared historically but I would expect that as a bare minimum given the squad and resources available. I do go as far to say I am a tad underwhelmed with it once I also factor in the style of play. I don't think coming on here and debating that is negative. I agree that in the ground we support the team through thin and thinner. But you criticised Gray for boring football - you were right by the way - but the fact we are 6th and doing ok does not make the Head Coach immune from criticism
  6. Do you mean confront fans at the ground ? Not sure I would do that especially at an away game where some fans are under the influence
  7. Agree
  8. Interesting just chatting to him briefly on another platform about this. I get his point but without 100% agreeing with it. I think certain behaviours of our fans at away games and where he sits must be particularly bad are major factors in this
  9. The issue isn't so much where he has taken us more where some of us think he should have been capable of taking us. All us married men consistently underachieve the expectations of our respective wives so this is similar
  10. Get David Blaine in and Hey Presto it will disappear
  11. The car wash place on Claywheels Land opposite Sainsbury's was offering parking for a tenner v Burton. It was unsurprisingly empty
  12. Not convinced he is handling the level of expectation that well
  13. The serious question I ask of Carlos fans is "are we really building for the future" The managers I admire that have got clubs out of this division are the likes of Sean Dyche, Eddie Howe and the one likely to go up this year Chris Hughton I see positive signs in the academy set up, but in the first team I haven't really seen a co-ordinated plan. I really thought that was going to happen after last season, a decent nucleus of players that needed piecemeal improvement in places and pruning elsewhere. Having gone for an all out assault and then struggling to keep in the final play off place is where the frustration for me lies
  14. Or are you being over positive and my view is a fair assessment - all a matter of opinion
  15. Much better answer this time Nigel