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  1. I won't mention his twitter name but it's fairly apt for this thread
  2. Ha I grew up across the road from Peggyowl and he's a good lad. I'll make sure I don't mention this on twitter
  3. Jesus wept how far have educational standards fallen in this country
  4. Brighton seafront parking machines now accept mortgage applications to pay
  5. The joy of running my own business is I normally delegate or pay some one to do it. I am stuffed when I have to work it out myself
  6. Where the on off button is about the limit of my IT capabilities
  7. After eating a pie is there then an express Lane for the toilet
  8. I have an express flask Or it could just be leaky
  9. Probably it's more light blue but if the number plate has my OT name then yep. I get pipped all the time but that is more with my crap driving
  10. I much preferred it when we lost 3-0 but at least the players left the pitch holding hands and hugging each other and gave the manager a kiss by the tunnel
  11. Tbf I boo at my lads games but only when they are 6 down at HT
  12. MI6 have closed them down as there was evidence they were spying for Russia
  13. So level with the No 15 with one other player on the line so onside
  14. No the rule is just 2 players one doesn't have to be keeper
  15. Just to warn anyone heading from the south long queue on M1 between 30 and 31. And o am in it grr