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  1. Remember you couldn't take booze but hadn't ever heard the fruit gum comment.
  2. Or some idiot put the wrong SIC code down and should have gone for the one above tax avoidance operations Though if it had been the one after Ozzie Owl was in for a stuffing
  3. Don't think they can refuse these days, EFL rules
  4. You used to throw ours in the ruddy garden
  5. My Mum has got a picture of her and a group of friends sat with Tommy Craig in Chapeltown WMC Bit more down to earth them days
  6. Not by signing a load of players that are no better than we currently have just to keep the fan base happy. The same fan base that then moans said players are poo and why did we waste money on them
  7. Every player has a price
  8. Thought the issue was that if the game was being shown in the international area TV wise it won't be on Ifollow. Makes sense as the EFL won't want to compromise the monies received from the worldwide broadcasters. Clearly if a game is picked by Sky in the UK then it is more likely to be shown by international TV as well. Presumably however if you are in NZ for example and your local station chooses not to show the game the system will be clever enough not to block the stream for those in that area. But it won't just be Sky games there is usually a Saturday 3pm game chosen for the international feed so be a few of those over the season as well. Presumably for home games the "commentary" will be the audio feed for the UK customers. Away games might just tap into the home teams commentary.
  9. I don't disagree. It goes back to that dichotomy over the corporate areas / pricing. I have given up trying to 2nd guess what the rationale is on both that and ticket prices when the differential in approach probably accounts for a week's wages
  10. By that I mean that demand for tickets which you would expect to be some way contingent on price barely seems to be. It's more about the opposition and day of the game More of it is why the crowd Isn't higher for the lower category games
  11. The converse is a low price against the less interesting teams doesn't always seem to bring in numbers. Hence the use of the word dichotomy. DC must be quite confused by us as a group of fans
  12. I am only going to support them because they tried to avoid tax
  13. Well at times last season the higher the price the bigger the attendance. The Wednesday fan dichotomy
  14. Just making all those in their early 30's on here feel they are getting old
  15. Can't afford to be sentimental in football, especially one heading to their mid 30's