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  1. Or we could discuss the posts and not the posters like forums were created for?
  2. I think he was referring to you calling him moronic. There's no need for it.
  3. You obviously missed his performance in the Leeds thread in non-SWFC section. 1st class shithousery, and a coward to boot.
  4. He's not bright enough to hold down a job
  5. Is the 24 thing just arising from compensation being due for academy players up until they're 24 or something?
  6. However I've stuck up for JV in the past only for him to show himself up as a snivelling little troll, so he can go fuuck himself.
  7. Nobody knows who's talking rubbish, so let's everyone try and keep it civil, yeah?
  8. You're clearly upset about something, but if you could debate the post rather than resort to personal insults it would be very helpful. Cheers.
  9. If he looked hesitant at times I would suggest it was down to the lack of movement of players around him. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times we moved their players about and when we did we looked very, very good. Most of the time players just seemed to hold position and hope the guy in possession could conjure something up themselves. Such a shame as our pass and move game, on the rare exceptions we use it, is great to watch. Jones was MotM for me.
  10. Genuinely don't understand how you've got the nerve to still post on this site after your bottle job last year. Still, at least FF has moved on from not getting in your team to "I would take".
  11. He caressed that volley like I imagine he caresses his lovers. Just a beautiful man.
  12. Normally I would be asking people to leave off with the personal abuse, but with a post that poor, well...
  13. Why? I get it when teams get battered 8-0 or something, but they lost in the main because they weren't very good. They only got a foothold because their keeper crippled Buckley, we scored our second when we were down to 10. Sounds like they're using them as an excuse for losing.
  14. Leave the insults out guys, cheers