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  1. Have I missed you out owling sorry mate, there you go UTO owling. UTO
  2. Our style of play under Gray at the time, told everyone May arrived at Hillsborough at the wrong time. UTO
  3. Good player, arrived at Hillsborough at the wrong time. UTO
  4. Of course it does, it was part of competition rules. UTO
  5. Well deserved Ross. UTO
  6. Very sad to hear, RIP Jordan thoughts are with his family
  7. Possibly mate, I think we would sell out whatever the price. UTO
  8. Didn't think it wouldn't be to long before someone had a dig about match day prices. . UTO
  9. The last time Real Madrid arrived in this country for a friendly, I'm sure the prices were around £60-£70 . UTO
  10. Very nice 3rd strip, on this basis the home and away strips will be excellent as well. UTO
  11. Quality Trev, UTO by the way. UTO
  12. That's the spirit Mr F, Spiksley. UTO
  13. Not getting into any discussion on management changes, at the moment I'm in the Carlos camp. But the three managers mentioned, 1, would not manage us while he lives in Sheffield, 2, would take us down with a smile, 3, he would just want a backhander for his dog. UTO