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  1. Maybe, but the man loves it here, and it would be a real shame if Jose left with nothing but memories. UTO
  2. I've just said on twitter, we shouldn't just let him walk away with memories , Jose is a modern day legend. I'm sure Sheffield Wednesday could find him a coaching role within the club. UTO
  3. Due next week Andoverowl, just before the lads enjoy their summer break. UTO
  4. You said Spurs didn't you, or are you back tracking already UTO
  5. Good player, but if he signs for Spurs I'll platt water!!! UTO
  6. I think you'll find he's a championship player, and as been for a few weeks now. UTO
  7. Should ask the lads, he's been down to the training ground every day this week. UTO
  8. UTO stanningtonowl. UTO
  9. UTO Costello UTO
  10. Come on lads your just making things up now. UTO
  11. Aiden has already been down to the training ground to meet the lads. UTO
  12. A trip to York is always a good day out. UTO
  13. Well said. UTO
  14. Fabulous news, like I said in another thread we are two seasons into a massive rebuilding job. In my opinion I believe we've shown progression each season, with a few quality players recruited in the summer we will be challenging for a top two finish next season. UTO
  15. Hull manager in talks with Porto. UTO