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  1. Is that the same Hanley who was in the championship last season, but now he's in the premiership he's trying to be billy big rounduns. It will be another game less season. UTO
  2. No problem Rogers UTO mate. UTO
  3. No news at yet everyone, if I hear anything will let you all know. UTO
  4. UTO Andoverowl. UTO
  5. Just thought I'd let everyone know Dean is expected down at the training ground tomorrow morning to meet the lads UTO
  6. And the English national side play like Brazil UTO
  7. WOW !! That's one hell of a back tracking post. In my opinion, maybe, but I'll go with it. UTO
  8. Mr backtrack is at it again. UTO
  9. Wouldn't expect any other sort of reply from owlstalk very own clown poster. UTO
  10. In what department do you think they are 40pts better than us mate. Just asking. UTO
  11. 27 Rhodes more than enough it's a yes from me UTO
  12. Oh no he hasn't, Huddleston is not on our radar. UTO
  13. Can't say too much, but the players mentioned are off the scale for the championship. Happy days. UTO
  14. Not what I was told, down at the training ground yesterday morning. Watch this space !!!! UTO
  15. Oh yes you did UTO