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  1. At this rate, they will be.
  2. Jordan Rhodes and George Boyd.
  3. Numbskull, how very dare you. As hyperbole goes, it's nothing compared to a lot I've read on here.
  4. That's not very nice, is it.
  5. Not seen anything about unlucky. But he's been quoted on here as saying he doesn't like stripes at a steering group meeting.
  6. Repeat. I should get all the answers right this time.
  7. Doesn't look like Reach to me. Mind you, having looked again. I'm bot sure it's Loovens either.
  8. Loovens is on the photos on the plane. Sat next to the lad who looks like he's snoring.
  9. I'm no expert but that looks like Xhosa to me.
  10. About fuckingtime. He should have been the first name on the list. I'm starting to have a bit more faith that this won't be a shambles.
  11. They did it once against Liverpool in 1999.
  12. It was shocking. Tasted like someone had put a pound of sugar in it.
  13. We celebrated our centenary with a bog standard league game against Fulham.
  14. Fuckme, and I thought Geoffrey talksshit.
  15. Starting to think it's Neil. If it isn't, they want banzoring.