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  1. Bolton Wanderers away. (Would have gone for Millwall, but that pesky Andover beat me to it)
  2. I concur with the op.
  3. Big claim to make. Who made you spokesman for the entire fan base.
  4. I thought McManaman was injured. Not sure about Buckley.
  5. Small margins though isn't it. If Hooper had been fit, we'd all be dancing in the fountains in Trafalgar Sq. now.
  6. What 27 games?
  7. That team would see us fighting relegation.
  8. How the flying f*ck did we get 81 points ?
  9. Who would that be? Serious question, because imo we only have one player in our squad who could have and he was injured.
  10. Hooper's injury. But you knew that.
  11. Aye, it's worked brilliantly for Derby.
  12. It's centre and he really wouldn't. If he was any good, he'd have PL clubs after him.
  13. Not good enough for a top 2 team.
  14. He lost me at Richard Keogh.