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  1. They've not played Chesterfield at home yet.
  2. If Hooper doesn't start tomorrow. We can forget about promotion. He's that vital to the way we play.
  3. Kenwynne Jones just beats Eric McMordie as best loanee for me. Honourable mentions for Scott Carson, Ben Marshall and Connor Wickham. Bothroyd heads the list of infamy.
  4. That kit always shouts Niclas Alexandersson to me.
  5. Might be, but I'm 100% correct.
  6. Take it you don't get out much. The city centre is full of people not from Sheffield on a Friday and Saturday night.
  7. Not in the city of Manchester.
  8. Not much of a club historian are you. We played in all white in every game in the '66 cup run. We won the throw for who got to wear their home kit in the final and still chose to play in the 'lucky white kit'.
  9. Having been at the Hundredth anniversary game, I'd love be at the 200th. Doubt it though.
  10. I'm hoping I've got a good 30 odd years left in me yet.
  11. I'm not mate. I'm 58 and resigned myself to the fact I'll never see the stripes again.
  12. Sometime in the Sixties. Been going on my own/with mates since December '69. Last one I can remember is Spurs and must've been before November '68.
  13. There's absolutely no chance of that happening. Which bit of Mr Chansiri doesn't like stripes are you struggling to comprehend?