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  1. He's crap at dealing with crosses
  2. Hi Stuart
  3. Especially when it's aimed at a 52 year old
  4. OK grope may not be the right word but, in this day and age, treating women like that, is unacceptable don't you agree? Or are you in agreement with the caveman approach?
  5. Maybe I've got morals and standards.
  6. OK. Those poor gallant gentlemen were only engaging in light hearted banter. My bad. Sorry for being a snowflake (whatever that means)
  7. A bit caveman? He tried to grope her. Welcome to 2017 mate. That sort of stuff isn't acceptable these days.
  8. You think what they did was justifiable?
  9. Out of interest when is the right time and place to call a stranger a moron?
  10. Yeah but it's all getting too much. I mean people want me to clap. For a fecking minute. For a total stranger *tuts*
  11. Thanks for the explanation. Perhaps I should have called him the site moron.
  12. Of course it's not necessary to you, as it's not your family member. Perhaps the family involved may get some small crumb of comfort seeing their loved one being commemorated by the crowd. It amazes me how some people can decide how a bereaved family should behave.