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  1. I drove past the ground today and Sondico is still being advertised in the club shop window. Maybe we are still under contract until the end of the month.
  2. We had to play in sondico until the end of the season. The season potentially could have ended on 29th May. It would have been unprofessional to release a new kit while we were still under contract to our old supplier.
  3. You'd be right if our last game was on 7th May. But it wasn't.
  4. We were possibly going to be in the Play off final, which was less than 3 weeks ago. If we had got there we would still have been contracted to Sondico, so quite how we would have released a new kit I don't know. I'm not happy with the merchandise at the club, but I don't make shít up to suit my argument.
  5. Our season ended 4 weeks ago. If we had got to the play off final it would have been 3 weeks. By all means moan, but don't just make stuff up.
  6. Hi mum
  7. Showing our age
  8. Not on any high horse. You might not see the agenda but I do. Also quite ironic that the biggest shít stirrer on the site plussed your post.
  9. So using the net spend argument Newcastle should have been relegated.