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  1. TEAM for Burton

    We're away.
  2. Carlos Tonight

    And it's still August
  3. Away shirts

    And almost identical to Brentford's
  4. Carlos haters

    Where have I insulted you?
  5. Carlos haters

    I've a feeling it will
  6. Carlos haters

    What makes you think I'm disappointed?
  7. Carlos haters

    No. I don't think anyone is out of their comfort zone. Except you.
  8. Carlos haters

    I think you should go for a lie down mate.
  9. Fulham had fergie time

    And it was 25 years ago.
  10. Fulham had fergie time

    It finished 2-1
  11. Carlos haters

    You're right. Yours was a sad sad post
  12. Answer me 1 question...

    Bore off
  13. Aiden McGeady

    Where are all those who were spaffing over him before the match?