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  1. and that's how it should be from the man Loyal wednesday to the core
  2. disgusting practice by the knuckledraggers, and how anyone condones it is beyond me well done to the op for reporting it,more should do the same
  3. Oh agreed phwoarrrrrrrrrrrr ,
  4. the forwards are doing the job no need to change it for change it sake , sadly he will have to wait his turn ,
  5. shhhhhhh dare not tell Stevegar i used the table pics eons ago ,
  6. beat ipswich and we will do it
  7. not bothered tbh we won they lost , 3 more points for us
  8. don't care what Fulham do now as long as we are up there when it matters and we are the better team on the day if it falls that way , we are finding our shooting boots and making things count ,i have no worries as we can match them and better them , we hopefully learned from the pressure last year and it will be new to them ,
  9. as a founding member of the tablegazers and on the board , i suppose i better join in therefore i say , WELLDONEYOUBLUEANDBITOFWHITELIZZARDS , GREAT RESULT AND NOT ONLY THAT WE HAVE GOT RID OF THE DERBY HOODOOO , well done to all today
  10. But he is to fat isn't he . only joking great player to have in your team notice he difference since he came back Quality
  11. your dad was a hero in other things more important Leon , i won't forget what you told us my friend ,be proud son
  12. waiting for such as you to start a thread like this ,
  13. leeds would want a re run ,
  14. happy tonight not going to overboard though sorry but too long in the tooth to dance a jig just yet ,heart says we will do it but head thinks we will make it hard for ourselves