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  1. we are held back by being a one and an apology for a team city so therefore they should have more support than us but truth is they don't get many more than us in the grand scheme of things but saying that i don't care tbh
  2. did you choose your username after posting this thread Owl At Risk .Hemmingham will be after you
  3. his time will come and then it will be for the others to shift him
  4. experience counts and if you train right and look after yourself then age won't go against you so much ,methinks he will be around for a while yet
  5. perhaps they all needed a few words but whatever it was it worked second half
  6. spot on torry
  7. Hudders still unbeaten then must be nine hundred games now haha
  8. great win dire first half ,but what the hell happy
  9. Tha Cuddorth made it a little more convincing haha love it
  10. Methinks signing winnall will ply a big part in whether hourihan comes this way or not ,hoping the bond they have on the pitch is a strong friendship off of it fingers crossed
  11. know the feeling mate
  12. it's ok Grim mate we me and the mrs are glad of your input will look into that my friend much appreciated