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  1. Well done Jordyowl , some tallented people on here ,
  2. cheers mate she isgetting there
  3. Hi Ronio I'm ok buddy ., had personal problems with the mrs, she ain't been well at all so not been on the internet as much , thanks for asking mate ,
  4. Walking home forom Blackpool after we missed the train , was picked up by the team coach played cards with them ,shared the sandwhiches and drink , was a great night , and we won 2 /0 , got to the ground and the chairman took us door to door in his roller ,
  5. Boyd on one side ,him on he other . works for me . get them damn crosses in ,
  6. Row Row Row yer boat gently down the stream , i've given Carlos another chance cause he said he has a dream
  7. They asked me how Nuhiu Usually missed when through , I of course replied, we love him and i cried That's just what Nuhiu do
  8. can't se what all the fuss is about Hooper will do his job this season , you do not have scoring record like he does if you are garbage , I still say it's down to supply and it's the same with Rhodes ,they are proven goalscorers at this level and i would't write them off just yet
  9. thanks mate my ma always played that on dads birthday after he was killed in a mining accident , nice to hear it again ,
  10. Well you didn't Mordor it so that's a + haha love it really
  11. training is a different ball game .it's converting from that to what you do in the first team on matchday ,
  12. just a scribble nothing more ,