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  1. how much service s he had ,or full game time
  2. I know just saying as some seam to think he is past it reading some post's
  3. Until we introduce to the team what Rhodes needs to get goals then he will struggle , you might lose a little pace as you get older but you never lose speed of thought or the knack of scoring it's like riding a bike it never go's away ,
  4. would be better for the M1 I should think also
  5. nothing wrong with that art wise , you done well
  6. doesent he play up front with Billy blunt .
  7. ince wince
  8. haha bless , tuttutt
  9. I agree mate as you probably guessed with my past contributions to charitees , but they have to decide ;)
  10. through personal experience Owlstalkers and wednesdayites in general are the most Generous to charitable causes i have ever had the expreince to be involved with ,many thousands of £s have been raised through this forum alone for good causes ,so falling out about it is not needed , the club may or may not contribute to this cause that is their choice And whatever they decide is up to them ,
  11. doesent half look tacky though
  12. oh ffs are we still on about this ,if you take them you take them if you don't you don't no mystery no bottling no nothing it was his choice , and for those who have played as a striker , scoring from open play and scoring from a pen is at different ends of the scale . as a striker it's mostely on instinct when you score , if it's a pen you have time to think , and often that causes you to miss it's a different ball game altogether , but no matter it's easier to castigate a player and say i would do this that and the other , well until you are in that cauldron on the pitch with thirty odd thousand watching you you will never know the feeling ,you will never know the pressure on the player , we missed two pens we could have scored another in open play ie Fletchers golden chance , why are these not castigated they contributed to us losing , but hey lets have a crack at Rohdes cause he didn' offer to take a pen ,sigh