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  1. we lost it's done we move on to the next and hope for a better result ,
  2. I think it's agreat idea tbh would be a great boost for the club mediawise and especially great for the recipients
  3. was really a princess, who wanted to get close to bully
  4. not disputing that darra , he couldn't miss with that one even i could have scored it at my age
  5. nah not having it any proffessional player listening to the fans is not concentrating on his job ,it's all part and parcell of the game they know it and we know it ,if they are more concerned about what the fans are chanting or doing then they should not be in the game ,
  6. Big deal he missed a pen even better players miss pens , the only sad fact it was against leeds so is 14 times worse than any other bugger missing a pen ,if he scored then great , but lets talk about the real elephant in the room , 1 shot on target the whole game ,that's a far worse stat
  7. wheather he stays or Go's is down to Mr C , we will have no say in it ,but Mr Chansiri stated when he took over that he wanted the prem in 2017 , personally i will be very shocked if that happens on present showings on the pitch , now will it be a case of Mr C getting rid to save face , or persisting with CC i feel the former will happen tbh The money spent is not to be sniffed at and will go a long way in deciding Carlos's future
  8. this one enlarged
  9. I wouldn't moan if we went up , but i feel we will need a damn good slice of luck to do so or a rethink on how we approach games ,
  10. oh gawd, bin there done that , and my answer is give me a strike partner any day ,one to play the other in or vice versa ,this one up front lark is like playing a chocolate fireguard up there,we have two yes two prolific strikers who are fit and raring to go(not counting Hooper as not fit0 , we only use one ,using both would doublr the worries on their defence , using one they can camp around him and shut him out all day .or we have to relly on a bit of magic ,using a lone striker makes it so much harder and regularly if we do manage to win anything in the area we have no one following up , a perfect example of this was in the game the other day at weeds Rhodes won the header and placed it in a perfect spot for someone to follow up and bust the net , ooops shock horror no one was there ,maybe just maybe winnall would have been And that is the difference of playing two strikers over just the one
  11. as an ex striker there was nothing better than being provided with a ball whipped in from the byline i could attack it was meat and drink to me and always produced results most just needed deflecting goalwards and the job was done , tbh i can't see why this is a problem nowadays , this cutting in buisness coupled with a ball into the box or a shot leaves the striker not knowing what to do for the best ie attack the ball or stand off ,if you get my drift , take winnalls goal the other week , a superb whipped in cross from hunt (yes it was a bit deeper) and an absolute peach of a finish , this in entirety left the defence flat footed and that is such as our strikers need, but there you go said my bit , means knowt but it's another dimention to the argument but if Macnamanan can do this then to me it should be encouraged as we will score more i feel than we are at present
  12. beats me Bagiehy mate ,
  13. that's why i posted it Brad