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  1. True (but probably boring) story: my 1st match at Hillsborough was in 1993. I had a Social Worker as a kid (called Carlos funnily enough!) he lived in Sheffield, he took me to watch us play Arsenal. Anyway, he'd borrowed 2 Season Tickets from a friend to get us in, but he knew nowt about football, had never been to a game. He did't realise that you couldn't just sit anywhere. He took me straight to the Grandstand comfy seats, I remember being sat near Harry Gration Then the people whose seats we were in came along... I was cringing. He still didn't know what to do, he went and asked a Steward who just pointed at the nearest empty seats. We won 1 - 0 though, Mark Bright header on about 20 mins. Told you it was boring!
  2. Staying as he has a good relationship with the players, Owner and fans. Captain knocked on his door and said they want him to stay. Wants to progress again, which would see us fighting for the top 2 but says, that wont be decided til next May so (reading between the lines) wants us to stay supportive during the season's ups and downs. Says that his first year we achieved a play off place as underdogs, last season was more difficult due to big expectations which are harder to manage, yet we still finished higher. Wants just 4 or 5 signings rather than a overhaul and wants them in earlier so we can get off to a better start than we have in the previous 2 years.
  3. I'm glad. Feels like the wrong time to make changes. Like we've almost been a work in progress since Carlos was appointed and he should get chance to finish the job now. The players that came in since the end of 15/16, especially the last transfer window will get pre-season with us, hopefully Abdi will stay fit and will come good. With a few additions in the right areas, we'll have a good chance at automatic promotion.
  4. Like a lot on here. I was far more footy obsessed in the 90's and early 00's. I'd watch any football that was on, play Pro Evo and CM/FM to death. I'd read World Soccer magazine at work (in a Newsagent). buy coaching books and player Biographies just to help get my fix. As well as Wednesday, I'd go with my Dad to watch Rovers. I'd watch Italian footy on C4, Dutch, Argentinian and Brazilian late at night on C5. Was a big England fan too. Think between being a kid and around 2002ish England meant as much to me as Wednesday did. That just fizzled out. Now it's pretty much just us that I still love watching. I watch England, but it doesn't feel the same and that's it. I could probably still name the 1st team of Man U, Arsenal and Inter MIlan (for example) from 12 years ago. Wouldn't have a clue now! Is it an age thing or did football really lose something around the mid 00's???
  5. Maybe. Because if we'd won, there'd be an important match coming up to talk about; the subject would still be relevant though. I could've started it any time over the last few seasons, and as I said in the OP, it's not just us. It's fans in general. Can't remember where I heard it, but some fool of a pundit was going on about how Arsenal fans were suffering!!! It was before yesterday when they were still fighting for 4th spot. They're suffering because it's been so long since they won the league! Makes you realise that, right now, even a club as big as Arsenal can't take it for granted that they'll be able to compete at the very top ie winning the league and Champions League, and their fans aren't enjoying being also rans. In the 90s Man Utd were the only mega rich club in England and that was wealth and prestige they'd built up over decades. Now with all the new money pumped in by super rich owners means that there's less hope for clubs to find, what was once, their "natural level", and for clubs like ours, Newcastle, L**ds, etc to build a good side and gatecrash the party. Having said that, I still think people don't enjoy football on a game by game basis. Just go, hope we win, enjoy the camaraderie of being a supporter etc, that's how it should be IMO. I know that makes me a "Happy Clapper", and some will say that they are more "ambitious"... and hope to achieve their ambition for the club by whining and moaning on the internet. Now, for some, the banter can be venomous (© DA), the criticism of players and Managers is constant, the losses are the end of the world, even the victories are torn apart when the performance doesn't entertain enough... but "attractive football" is criticised when it doesn't deliver the right result. It's like we want perfection, an almost unachievable level of football. How can that be enjoyable? What keeps these people's interest up? Genuinely curious.
  6. I'm the same. Most enjoyable Season in recent times was the MInd The Gap season. It ended just about perfectly and I was there. The hang over the year after was all doom and gloom in comparison and yet, staying up was probably just as big an achievement.
  7. Good point, the money has changed things dramatically. Do you think we could've kept the early 90's team here if it was like it is these days? They'd have been picked off by today's rich clubs. Especially the likes of Hirst and Sheridan etc that we had in the 2nd Division (today's Championship). It wasn't impossible back then to dream of a brilliant Manager putting a team together and challenging all the way to the top.
  8. Think the dust has settled enough for me to ask this and satisfy my curiosity (that's what I'm doing, not having a go at anyone).. Does everyone still actually enjoy football? I mean on a game by game basis rather than it being just all about going up, or whatever. I do... But reading this forum and other Social Media got me thinking, these days, seems like a lot don't enjoy it... like, at all! Makes me wonder, what do they get out of it? They were miserable when staying up was the aim, and they're miserable now, when finishing in the Play Offs is par for the course. Once upon a time, where we are now, was the dream. But we always want more, it's like getting the car you've dreamt of, then immediately losing interest in it and yearning for a better one. OK, we'd all love if if we'd won, got promotion. I was as pissed off as anyone else after the Semi defeat, but I'm getting over it now. Think fighting at the top of the Championship and winning far more games than we lose is nothing to moan about. Would people actually enjoy being in the Premier League and not winning most weeks? Doubt it. That's not me finding a positive for not going up, just an observation. It's not just us either, but surely there's only a few clubs in the world that can expect constant success, there's a lot more clubs in the country than there is things to win. So "success" is all relative.
  9. Westwood 8 Hunt 7 Loovens 6 Lees 7 Pudil 5 Reach 5 Bannan 9 Lee 7 Hutchinson 6 Fletch 8 Forestieri 5 Subs Rhodes 6 Nuhiu 6 Wallace not on long and Reach as above.
  10. Funny how with all the money spent this season, it's virtually last year's 1st team starting. Not complaining, just an observation.
  11. Doesn't kick off til 19:45 here, so no spoilers please.
  12. Hirst has 38 goals in all hasn't he?
  13. Crack on, that's your right.
  14. So he's not allowed to state that he finds it boring? OK. But we're probably not allowed to discuss it on Owlstalk anyway, judging by previous threads, so that's irrelevant.
  15. You know that he just means discussing this subject is boring. Not that people dying is boring.