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  1. Thanks. I might read it properly from this point on. Still sceptical though.
  2. I'm not reading this thread in detail. Is it one of those ones where everyone becomes desperate to sign a particular player (whether they'd heard of him or not before the thread appeared) but we're not really in for the player in reality?
  3. How many of our "prolific forwards" were here, fit and available for selection for the whole of the season? I think our most prolific, based on thier careers are Hooper, Rhodes and Winall. One was injured, the other two joined late on.
  4. Which ten bob millionaires? Were they bad for the club? Genuinely curious, who do you mean?
  5. Does that mean we're not allowed an opinion on the team unless we've played in it? Or the kit unless we've been involved in the design and manufacture of one?
  6. When we did have a board, the club was almost wound up too!
  7. The very early years aren't as important, simply because, that's when we didn't have an identity or tradition. That's something that grows naturally over decades, and it's blue and white stripes. Ok the Anniversary could, and maybe should hark back to the beginning, but to use it as part of a reason to justify dumping our stripes is a poor one.
  8. The Portugal trip is a really short one, designed to get the First Team Squad fit and maybe a bit of team bonding, being away together. Means nothing in terms of our long term youth policy. Zero. I think the youngsters do train with the seniors. Seen a fair few training pics on the OS over the years, where they're involved. We all hope the U23s and below come good, and it's frustrating that we don't see a bit more involvement from them in the match day squad; but when promotion is at stake, and CC's probably on borrowed time to achieve it, he's forced to think short term. That's just the way it is right now. Best thing would be to get those on the verge of stepping up, out on loan.
  9. He's probably not in Portugal coz we've already got half a dozen strikers to give game time to.
  10. That's the good thing about us not making many signings this summer. We'll need to use our current squad, and they're going to be a closer knit group. Not spending weeks/months settling in. Abdi is the one I'm most looking forward to seeing, hopefully, regularly.
  11. Carlos mentioned him in his interview yesterday. Said Abdi and Sam started joining in with the training.
  12. Ground redevelopment?!!! We can't even get a kit released. It'd be a building site til Christmas.
  13. Can't be. He'll never be fit again. That must be his stunt double.
  14. Pudil? If it's upsidedown, then it looks like a "P".