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  1. For the Championship: IMO we need to be making minimal changes. Obviously if we can get rid of genuine deadwood, then do it, and bring in a few to plug the holes. Like a quality Center Back for example. But I think what we really need now is a bit of stability now.
  2. Who'd have thought reading that, that some people would focus soley on Bannan being one of those closest to the Manager?
  3. You been spying on me?
  4. The stars are good as a 1 off IMO. The kit is part of the 150 year celebrations, so adding that we won the top title 4 times within that 150 years makes perfect sense. Wouldn't want it all the time though.
  5. Too right! Well I for one am glad you won, and I have the best taste on Owlstalk so...
  6. Just seen this on Facebook. Well done @Karl What did you win?
  7. What has work got to do with Christmas? I work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day most years. There are shops open Christmas Day. Does that mean 25th December is not Christmas? Stop with this foolish argument.
  8. Supposed to be 12 days of Christmas ending on 6th January. You've been brainwashed by retailers that start it in September and end it on Boxing Day to start the sales. I'd just get rid of the whole farce if i had my way.
  9. Yeah... about having a short memory, you might want to think back to 'The Old Guard' running the club into the ground, transfer embargoes, winding up order... Ringing any bells? The difference from being on our arses to competing for promotion was Milan Mandaric 1st and foremost. In fact in Megson's 1st half season, we went from 12th (8 points off the play offs with 20 games to play) to 15th (13 points off) and that was with more loan signings, plus we played the worst football I've ever had the misfortune to witness live. The summer before the promotion season the team, cobbled together on a shoe string and carrying a load of overpaid deadwood, was transformed thanks to Milan's money and the dark cloud was lifted from over Hillsborough and the whole place, from fans to players, was awash with positivity. Megson wasn't doing a bad job that year, was obviously part of the rebuild, but he wasn't pulling up any trees either. The decision to let him go turned out to be the right one, we were magnificent after that. Played the type of football Megson claimed, in an interview, they we weren't capable of and the rest is history. It's easy to think back and just see it Megson arriving and single handedly dragging the club back from the brink, a whole cult has formed on that belief! Not really accurate though, not even close.
  10. Yeah it's exactly what some of the Cult are accusing the current Manager of. Ironic eh.
  11. Oh yeah I forgot the "he told Milan to Do off to protect his players" conspiracy theories of the Cult. Like the other one where he was gonna break the habit of the season and play 2 proper wingers. If only he'd have had Antonio and Ben10 in the same side... We might just have scraped 3rd.
  12. Sacked for bumbling into playoff positions with one of the highest budgets in the Division (LEAGUE ONE!!!), playing awful painful to watch football... Yeah just what we need now.
  13. Correct. This for me is the most important thing when putting our current position into context. Tougher league and we're up against not just teams that have outspent us, but teams that have outspent us and had stronger foundations than us to begin with. Sometimes you have to strengthen just to keep up. Unless the rest of the league all kindly agree to stay still, so our spending enables us to leapfrog them!
  14. Borne Mute
  15. Pretty sure Carlos knew he needed a Center Half. Maybe he's been let down by those who do the recruiting? Or we just couldn't get a player of the required quality? Whatever the reason, it's not like the fans are the only ones to realise that it could've (and now has) become a problem.