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  1. It didn't work for Captain Blackadder !
  2. Not much empathy and understanding here then !
  3. IT'S NO JOKE ! Just think what it was like for the supporters at the time, .................and then think how it must have been for the players on the field ! Some people on here are going over the top with their comments about Jordan Rhodes. We are all very disappointed that we lost, but that is no excuse for some of the rather unpleasant things that have been said about the man. Of course it is easy for people who will never be in that highly pressurised situation, to criticise those who were in that situation !!!!!! Let's have a bit more empathy and understanding !
  4. Will Carlos change his style..... I don't see why he should. He seems to be a very stylish individual to me !
  5. Tried it once. All I was offered, was a table lamp and Canteen of cutlery, for mine !
  6. He took it all to far ! But , boy, could he play Guitar. ............
  7. No, no , no, this can't be true. For weeks now, we have had experts with "inside knowledge " who "know someone at the club" who have told us that Carlos is leaving at the end of the season. This was stated as a fact, not an opinion. Surely ,there must be some mistake !
  8. That's just what my mate says about Carol Kirkwood !!!!!!!!
  9. Do you live on DRURY LANE by any chance ?
  10. That's rather Negative and Defeatist. You say "we would be losing and scrapping for draws most weeks" It doesn't have to be like that ! Let's look forward with optimism ! Up the Owls !..............
  11. I think you need labelling, modboy. I'm much too polite to tell you what it is though !
  12. Eeh, but you've got to laugh haven't you ! I'm sorry to correct you, but I think you mean Enlarged PROSTATE. Your standards are slipping !
  13. I suspect you know the answer to that already . Sorry it's taken a while to reply, but I just had to "pop to the Gents"
  14. Sometimes, you are quite funny Mr Farrell...... But this isn't one of your best.