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  1. Dear raver, thanks for the clarification. I had no idea what you were on about. Not sure I do now, to be honest. But, We're all wednesday aren't we !
  2. Can you give us the name of the author Of the "Bible bottler" please ? Never heard of it before !
  3. Ee must av been fick , I'm wot rited it ! Vats hall hy can Saye! !........
  4. It might be a good idea if you tried to cultivate "other interests!" Old boy......
  5. I don't believe that Robin Hood would condone any acts of vandalism !
  6. WHAT A TERRIBLE INSULT ! To call me a blades supporter, is one thing , but to say I am a Liberal Democrat is really going too far ! Do you have Graffiti Scrawled on the front of your house fatzooma?
  7. The problem is that many, so called "graffiti artists" believe it is acceptable to deface public or private property . Let's not promote vandalism ! Some may think that public property belongs to no one, the truth is, that public property belongs to us all ! Dont forget who pays for the removal of these selfish acts........of vandalism !
  8. This is a really difficult subject. Without doubt some people who are are referred to "graffiti artists" have a great deal of misdirected talent. However, much of it is out and out vandalism. Why don't they paint graffiti on their own properties ?
  9. Enjoy it while it lasts !
  10. You've perfected the technique. ....... They fall for it every time !.
  11. As I seem to remember, Sheffield Wednesday used to have 1866 on badges too. We have some really knowledgeable people on here. Why was the date changed ?
  12. Another area where we differ. I am mostly certainly not "well content" with us being a "top championship side" Let's not forget this is the SECOND DIVISION we are talking about !!! For a club like ours, with a long and proud history, the second division is not acceptable. Neither is it success! No, the Premier league is where we should be. And serious challengers too !
  13. I see you have edited your post. Please do not take my humour as a "personal insult" The comment was made due to the fact that your posts seem to be rather pessimistic in their assessments. Historic figures are exactly that, Historic figures ! Instead of being held back by history, let us look forward to the future. Things can and do change for the better. Success breeds success. Promotion to the premier league and consolidation of our position in the premier league, will give new opportunities and a new generation of supporters will want to be a part of that success ! Looking to the future, the question really should be - "IS A 40 K STADIUM BIG ENOUGH ?"
  14. Is that what's known as Sarcasm ?
  15. Prefer to be pessimistic, more like ! I've read your posts and come to the conclusion that you are a --- "RIGHT BAG OF LAUGHS!"