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  1. The proper white mitre Mitre Ball....... You may not have noticed, but "white" is a colour ! And while we are at it. The boots are Black. Black is also a colour ! With regard to Chansiri, I'm glad he's here !
  2. If it's the truth you're after, Never trust a Leeds fan ! Most of them seem quite delusional.... Rambling on about Don Revie and all that sort of thing.........
  3. The "best league in the world" has to have the best teams playing in it ! The SECOND DIVISION is NOT the best league in the world. As far as Sheffield Wednesday are concerned, I am not happy with second best ! UP THE OWLS.....
  4. Well I don't think the SECOND DIVISION is "the best league in the world"
  5. I hope they are right. I think Harlee Dean would be a "Cracking signing" ! Very impressive at Hillsborough, last season.
  6. We're you both very tired ?
  7. This is the future, Howard lad !
  8. Fair point, but it's a lot nicer in the "residential areas" of Mexborough !!!..
  9. Occasionally the level of discourse on Owlstalk, falls short of its usual high standards !!!!!!!....
  10. And you're "on the ball" Duke !
  11. What is it good for, Absolutely nothin' Sing it !
  12. That hairstyle was considered "dead butch" at the time ! Brian May has a similar style !!!!!
  13. Have you ever thought about taking up Golf or Fishing ?
  14. So my comment about unacceptable verbal abuse of one of our players, makes me a pig, does it. People who come out with comments of this sort deserve to be challenged. To call anyone "absolute dogshit" is an utter disgrace in my opinion.
  15. An absolutely disgraceful comment. Just think about it. You really should hang your head in shame !......