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  1. To Leeds

    Mel Sterland
  2. Looks like you just missed the train.
  3. Happening way too often

    Would be helpful if we got our 'roster' finalised before the season kicks off.
  4. According to Dom Howson

    Sunderland players and fans will be delighted he's not on the pitch.
  5. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    Piazon off injured for Fulham. Hopefully he misses Saturday.
  6. Positives from today

    I didn't go, saved £38.
  7. your 1st game you went to

    March 1966, drew 2-2 with the Blunts at Hillsborough. Ford and McCalliog for us I think.
  8. I like the precision and brevity approach.
  9. Predict the 2017/18 Table

    1 Wednesday 2 Reading 3 Fulham 4 Middlesborough 5 Millwall 6 Brentford 22 Leeds 23 Barnsley 24 Sheff Utd More a wish list than a prediction though.
  10. Looking forward now

    Being top of the league from day one.
  11. Wednesday Women

    Daniella Pudil
  12. Mcgugan

    We did take him on loan.
  13. A Sheffield one two would be interesting, and not beyond the realms
  14. Happy birthday Mr Chairman

    Happy birthday Chas.
  15. First signing?

    What's up, can't you spell McManananananman?