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  1. We did take him on loan.
  2. A Sheffield one two would be interesting, and not beyond the realms
  3. Happy birthday Chas.
  4. What's up, can't you spell McManananananman?
  5. An alternative to Andy Giddings, that can only be good.
  6. Waddle.
  7. Absolutely correct. We are the prefects of the Championship now. We defer to nobody.
  8. Not forgetting Phil Henson.
  9. Controversial.
  10. Huddersfield though.
  11. Our big money signings Rhodes and Reach on the bench should tell us something about our recruitment. All that money was evidently not well spent.
  12. We're the underdogs now. We'll win this on pens.
  13. BTW isn't an acronym. An acronym by definition has to be pronounceable as a word.