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  1. Here you go. A few more details than that Guardian article:
  2. Same principle. The leagues (like the clubs) don't want to waste big fixtures on already big days. Spread out the big gates.
  3. Does Muriel do a turn?
  4. Tattooed EFL patches on the upper arms!
  5. To be fair to Wednesday there was a lot of uncertainty towards the end of *this* season that meant they were never going to have the new kit available in early May. While we all knew the Sondico deal was expiring, and DC clearly had the concept in mind to bring the manufacturung in house.... we didn't know what division we would be playing in next season. If we'd un-workable up, and had a season of mediocre mid table obscurity we could have started manufacturing in January and been selling the new gear by now. But with the chance of Premier League football and the obscene extra revenue that could bring from outside shirt sponsorship - and even a lucrative deal with a large manufacturer - we had to put things on hold and see where the dice landed.
  6. Next to the Botanical Gardens.
  7. That's nothing like the London Underground map.
  8. Chappers. We had friends whose house backed on to theirs. The 10 year old Neal M enjoyed perving on Leslie Ash.
  9. Is Fat Boy still managing Mansfield?
  10. Hillsborough Park is booked for "Friends Fest" that weekend. It's looking more likely to be the anniversary weekend in September.
  11. The anniversary weekend has been rumoured for a while. July is probably out anyway. Hillsborough Park is booked for the first half of the month for a Friends (TV show) fan event. Then the next weekend clashes with Tramlines. Plus the new kit *might* be available by September....
  12. Just stick to pies, mate.
  13. There's been speculation that it may be the first Sunday in September to coincide with the anniversary. It can't be between 7 and 16 July as Hillsborough park is being taken over by some weird Friends related fan festival. Then the next Sunday in July clashes with Tramlines. So unless it's the very end of July, the September rumors may be true.
  14. Short answer. Yes. Per rule 34.2 we are supposed to offer 2,000 tickets a game to away clubs, but if we don't do that (without the EFL's permission) the penalty at 34.2 would be a loss of prize money. It doesn't seem that we'd be hit with a point deduction. That said, other clubs may also ban our away fans. So it wouldn't necessarily be a great idea.