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  1. Lots of Owls in Houston. And they wear blue, have under performed for years, and have a giant, historic stadium too...
  2. As close as possible to the anniversary...
  3. Since Josephine's closed it must be rubbish to be a footballer living in Sheffield.
  4. I wasn't greedy though. I left the thread title for others to comment on.
  5. I'll slate you. It should be "The 3rd kit HAS...". Bloody h droppers.
  6. No chance. Winner stays on. You are our new good luck charm.
  7. Nilsson won the Swedish league and was heading for a Danish title too. Sheridan did an Ian Porterfield and won Division 4.
  8. This. Though I would consider Roland. He's been successful as a manager.
  9. Dooley, Eustace, and Wilson are obvious culprits, but I wouldn't say *never*. Wilko got us back to the top flight and had then took us to 8th and 5th in his first two seasons. And given the lack of resources at the time, Megson wasn't doing horribly when he was fired.
  10. 9. Cable guy
  11. This. Plus the fact that high earning footballers haven't always paid their fair share of tax. For example, huge chunks of what would be salary through PAYE were treated as "image rights" and paid tax free to off shore tax havens. HMRC has cracked down on schemes as they arise, but they are constantly morphing.
  12. Well for a start very few people (footballers included) moved to other countries to work. Countries that are trying to build their leagues (U.S., middle east nations etc) have lesser requirements. But most countries with established leagues have strict rules with regard to work permits. Look at Boca Juniors, River Plate, Palmeiras, Corinthians, Cruzeiro. About 90% of their squads are home grown.