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  1. Nope.
  2. This. It's not exactly rocket science. Our 150th year ends on our 150th anniversary. Just like your first year of being alive ends on your first birthday.
  3. This. Also, there was a lot of talk a year or so ago about the "Southampton model", of which DC is said to be a big fan. It builds consistency by recognizing that anyone associated with a club can (and at some point will) leave. So you preserve as much of your long term plans as possible by having lists of ready made natural fits that you can just plug in should the need arise. That way you don't just scramble for whichever big name is currently available with the risk of wholesale changes, starting from scratch, and heading in the wrong direction.
  4. @Hampshire owl @HampshireOwl @portsmouth owl @PortsmouthOwl And that's 4 more. Plus the following are not too far away. @Eastleigh Owl @Eastleigh_Owl @gosportowl It's like I'm the alogrythem behind plenty of fish. Let us know how it goes on and whether you get any action.
  5. Don't know if that works better on a pc/laptop, but on my phone it's just garbled.
  6. 1889. From a thousand year Reich, to a thousand years without a meaningful trophy.
  7. Neither will Burnley.
  8. Newcastle Brighton Huddersfield The stripes are on their way... Damn you, DC.
  9. I think you mean Neil. I may be a bit tubby, but I don't have a hernia and don't run Owlstalk.
  10. Don't think 2014-15 is correct, Aero. Weren't Boro relegated the previous summer?
  11. I'm 43. And Wednesday have only spent 15 of those years in the top flight.
  12. Tantric init. Our game will go on for 10 hours.