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  1. Siggi was never the same player after Souness broke his leg in '86. Obviously it wasn't immediately career ending like Ian Knight, and Arsenal still took a punt 3 years later, but as I say.... Never the same player after that.
  2. I'm more Yorkshire than you. When the survey asked how much I would be prepared to spend on streaming I told them no more than a tenner a month.
  3. Anyway, when you schedule anything for the football season you get what you deserve. @HOOTIE AND THE bobbar TU got married the day we played Hull at home in 90-91. He didn't miss much.......
  4. Our last 10 league meetings: Dec 3, 2005 - Away Feb 18, 2006 - Home Jan 19, 2008 - Home Apr 8, 2008 - Away Oct 19, 2008 - Home Feb 7, 2009 - Away Sep 18, 2009 - Away Apr 18, 2010 - Home Oct 16, 2011 - Away Feb 26, 2012 - Mind the gap. Not played a league game against them in November since 1992. So we are due. I'm all seriousness though, there's an international break in November. If your vacation is then, you have nothing to worry about.
  5. When we regularly got over 40k it was a different age. Far fewer fans lived outside the Sheffield area and had to travel. Infact far fewer people had cars. Buses were publicly owned. Fleets of "Football Specials" ferried fans up from Pond St.
  6. Cuban rhyming slang, in it. 2/1 he either sells used cars or drives a black cab around Havana's East End.
  7. Very close to closing this thread. Warnings were given - and they were absolutely appropriate. To respond by attacking the mod in question is childish and out of order.
  8. Gentle reminder. Not only are Brighton = gay comments tedious, but they are also offensive and could get you a suspension.
  9. daLlaS cOWboys neW OrLeanS saints WaShingtOn nationaLs Not quite so hidden: Rice Owls Temple Owls Florida Atlantic Owls Orem Owls
  10. End of an unnecessary thread. Nice response from Rocket, though you can't claim credit until Rhodes thanks you personally. But... theads like this.... Can't we all just celebrate the win instead of trying to score points against each other?
  11. Wait. You have a second team? And it's Man Utd?
  12. That Brum badge is flipping brilliant.
  13. They were rubbish after De Stijl anyway.