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  1. Northern Monkeys

    There was more than 1 comment that had to be deleted. Some from today. Some from from the weekend. Look - we try and let bants go as much as possible. But homophobic words and phrases can be, and are often, seen as more than just bants. What may seem innocuous to some can be very offensive to others.
  2. Northern Monkeys

    The offending posts were hidden by moderators.
  3. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Earl Barrett was in the Div 2 team in 1989-90.
  4. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Waddle should be on the list. He was was in the 1988-89 PFA Division 1 team of the year. But Jesus Christ. No Roland!!! Astounded that the PFA felt Rob Jones deserved a spot instead of Roland Nilsson. Goes to show that the voters are complete flipping bell ends.
  5. I get the frustration, and however tempting (given the repeated ad nauseam, dull as roger, dirge from the OP).... please cut the personal insults out.
  6. Burton v Owls live overseas

    ESPN3 has the same content nationwide. The screenshot I posted above is Saturday's ESPN3 schedule directly from the ESPN site. There are numerous choices available on ESPN3 at the same time as our game. From kick boxing to cricket to rugby league to little league to SWFC vs Burton. The beauty of a streaming service.
  7. Burton v Owls live overseas

    in the U.S., the Burton game will be streamed on ESPN3.
  8. iFollow

    Yep - We only get league games. No cup games. Only saw the 2nd half today, but the video quality was flipping horrific. Constant stuttering.
  9. 'Sit Anywhere' stands...

    Southwest Airlines don't assign seats. It's why I don't fly with them.
  10. Northern Monkeys

    Just a reminder. Please refrain from using homophobic words or phrases.
  11. your 1st game you went to

    It was all to do with the heart. Rapidly became clear that I'd be leaving everything I knew.
  12. your 1st game you went to

    It's coming up on 10 years since mine - May 4, 2008. Wednesday needed to beat Norwich to be sure of survival. We hammered them 4-1. Dion Dublin's last game. And a certain Ched Evans partnered him up front. At Hillsborough that day I didn't know it would be my last for a long time. Which I think made it easier. And what a day to go out on. That summer my life changed and emigration meant I haven't been back since.
  13. Elev8

    Do you really think DC came up with this plan on the back of a napkin? This will have gone through intense scrutiny from his lawyers. It's either water tight and won't lead to sanctions, or they've done a risk analysis and decided the potential risk is still worth it.
  14. Zulu Dawn...

    General Chelmsford was lucky not to be replaced by Ian Holloway after Isandlwana.
  15. Posts deleted. Please cut out the insults.