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  1. With detachable pistol.
  2. Andy mcnab?
  3. Fly back home that day
  4. The Blue Oyster bar
  5. Thought this was going to be a complaint about that spliff I sold you
  6. Worked with him for many years, great bloke RIP Nigel
  7. Even if he just makes the bench It fills everyone (me) with confidence that we will get a result
  8. I think 20 points eg 2 match tickets got you some preference last year But more STs sold this year and probably more members Worth a try though
  9. There would have been a load of Derby tickets for sale in the ticket section Including mine.
  10. I hope it is and I'm flying over for it! Much prefer to chill and enjoy the day looking forward to the playoffs Than having heart attacks all afternoon
  11. Big bus Saturday All nighter in a Club or pull a bit of crumpet and crash at hers Sorted
  12. Overnight in a Travelodge. Get cheapest Saturday train
  13. Bought my ticket Hoping for a dead rubber
  14. Probably head to head results We lose
  15. Final a 3pm KO Preferred the later KO as you could make more of a day of it