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  1. Can't view it Do they have the overseas viewing option on player?
  2. I thought a change would be best But let's hope Carlos can get us playing like we did in his first season We should have done better with the squad we had this year But I'm behind him now Onwards and upwards
  3. I'm quite nostalgic about football grounds and their toilets I still have part of me that hankers for the corrugated iron sheds a la Grimsby,Halifax etc. Football grounds should be a bit seedy It's part of the charm of football Or maybe I'm just from a bygone era
  4. Probably get slagged off for this When FF refused to play against Norwich I lost confidence that we would get automatic
  5. I think maybe CCs tenure has run it's course But I will gladly accept the decision of DC in this matter Either way onwards and upwards for next season
  6. When you've been watching us for any length of time You have to at least half expect some failure You've got to take it on the chin It will come, it did in the past it will come again in the future
  7. Already bought a secondary lap top to stream it in the bar. Only consolation for not going up
  8. Rhodes won't cost anything near £10 million.
  9. SAG is going on.
  10. I am an expert on this The go to guy Away goals don't count as double in event of score draw after both legs end. Everyone should know that.
  11. It's not how we play game for game It's progressing to the Premier league that counts
  12. I remember trying to talk one of my mates out of climbing those huge trees p!ssed. Or maybe I was egging him on? B@lloxed by then anyroads.
  13. Doesn't anyone remember owt from last season! Bloody part timers.
  14. Anyone who wouldn't have snatched their hand off for 0-0 before the game Knows nowt about football
  15. Didn't they read my post?