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  1. Burton v Owls live overseas

    It's not being shown on ifollow
  2. Burton v Owls live overseas

    Reminder for ifollow uses
  3. Carlos Post match

    Not really bothered if he can't conjure up the Gettysburg address every time he's interviewed So long as he can get it right on the pitch
  4. Carlos Post match

    Totally controlled the game second half
  5. iFollow

    No The Chezzie game wasn't either
  6. The Massive today

    So good we all joined in 2000 miles away! Great showing lads
  7. iFollow

    Watched it, bit juddery but better than staring at Jeff Stalling for two hours Only real downside is that it froze just as we scored! Lads in the bar didn't mind too much and left in high alcohol induced high spirits
  8. iFollow

    I use a HDMI cable laptop to TV. Works fine through browser
  9. So, am I the only one...

    Best reason I've heard to get rid!
  10. So, am I the only one...

    We are really setting the bar low now aren't we.
  11. Any foreign channels showing match tonight?

    Not showing on anything but ifollow. Find a Wednesday bar and hope he's got it
  12. Sheffield Wednesday press conference

    I could have gladly punched Dave Jones until I dropped through exhaustion Had a break then went back to it.
  13. iFollow

    Thought that myself but in fixtures on OS the ifollow icon is shown against the game
  14. iFollow

    Anyone know for sure one way or another it its on for the Chessie game?