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  1. I would have been in short trousers then.
  2. Certainly got a longer memory than me and I've been going 45 years!
  3. From a purely aesthetical point of view I really don't like the big stripes And never dreamed of buying the home shirt even when it was fashionable to wear them in the 1980s Quite looking forward to this seasons offering
  4. Bluddy glad I changed my mind about taking the game in along with PNE Would have been flying home when the game was on. Wish they'd stop mucking around Not reyt on us international jet setters!
  5. Better timing for the Pigs game would be a friendly for our 200th anniversary.
  6. If we signed Sharp he certainly ain't slim!
  7. Watched archive games with no buffering at home no problem It's what happens with live games in the bar that needs to be seen. Internet speeds in Lanzarote are traditionally poor
  8. David Seaman Always got the England's number 2 chant when we had Chris Woods Took it well though
  9. Time to get some Pre season training in on the system before the real stuff starts
  10. No news of any app yet
  11. I've already signed up. Piece 'o p!ss
  12. Rodger Wylde My hero through my teenage years
  13. Booked it, bought it, watching it
  14. Think it might be I was using Android
  15. Will try again