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  1. Just how much 'respect' did he show his teammates and supporters when he refused to get on the bus to Norwich? Not for one second am I condoning the actions of the fools who messaged his wife, but I'm sorry pal, no player, not one should ever disrespect his teammates and supporters, and certainly not an swfc player.
  2. I like the look of that. Need an upgrade on Loovens mind you.
  3. I was saying to a mate last week that Westy needs to jack the international scene in. To be messed about by O'Neill for so long when he is clearly the best GK that the Republic have is nothing short of scandalous. Westy is a family man and I really think that the time that he's wasted travelling and training for that idiot O'Neill, only to be left on the bench time after time would be better spent with his wife & kids. I was a big fan of O'Neill both as a player and in his earlier days as a manager with Leicester, Villa & Celtic. But I've lost all respect for him after these ridiculous and completely unfounded comments.
  4. Do we have any medical staff still in employment at S6 to give this lad a medical?
  5. Blimey I hope not, isn't he about 35? Too old! We need someone big, strong, mobile and energetic in that CM role IMO.
  6. What about Norwich? Or Derby? What's their excuse?
  7. We've made a right mess of recruitment the last 2 windows so I would anticipate more 'outs' than 'ins' this summer. Hopefully the ins will actually be players that actually fit in with our system.
  8. And that is why we all said that the central midfield required upgrading last summer. Sadly CC didn't see it that way. I'll say it again, Lopez ain't what we need.
  9. Can't understand this Alex Lopez love in. Sure he wasn't a bad player for us but he isn't what we require. Not one post on this thread mentions Brighton away in the second leg last year.... this is the reason why he didn't start in the final as the game completely passed him by. We don't need this type of player.
  10. Negged you because of the Reach comment.... ridiculous statement IMO
  11. Proper made me chuckle that vulva!
  12. Agree mate, with FFP (we surely must be close to the ceiling?), then CC must be more prudent in the market and I also feel that if we buy we must counter-balance the outlay with a sale. We have to recruit smarter.
  13. Does CC realise that there are other clubs to sign players from in this country other than Watford & Charlton?
  14. I predict a fair run in the league cup then if these fixtures are reyt
  15. Predictive text me owd