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  1. And that is why we all said that the central midfield required upgrading last summer. Sadly CC didn't see it that way. I'll say it again, Lopez ain't what we need.
  2. Can't understand this Alex Lopez love in. Sure he wasn't a bad player for us but he isn't what we require. Not one post on this thread mentions Brighton away in the second leg last year.... this is the reason why he didn't start in the final as the game completely passed him by. We don't need this type of player.
  3. Negged you because of the Reach comment.... ridiculous statement IMO
  4. Proper made me chuckle that vulva!
  5. Agree mate, with FFP (we surely must be close to the ceiling?), then CC must be more prudent in the market and I also feel that if we buy we must counter-balance the outlay with a sale. We have to recruit smarter.
  6. Does CC realise that there are other clubs to sign players from in this country other than Watford & Charlton?
  7. I predict a fair run in the league cup then if these fixtures are reyt
  8. Predictive text me owd
  9. A very good opening post. The age profile of the first team squad is slightly worrying with (I think) Fox being the youngest gaining first team selection. It's very much an ageing squad. I'm sure that there are many un-polished gems in L1 & L2...... Delle Ali anyone?
  10. This kind of talk is like what used to hear from KPS and Laws when we were scrambling around in the bargain bucket for freebies & crocks. Let's hope that Abdi has a better run next season.
  11. I thought that it was another bizarre signing in a whole string of "kid in a sweatshop" signings. Our recruitment is disgraceful. For me there is only Fletcher & Reach who have actually added anything to us this year.
  12. The season has ended in FAILURE.
  13. I'm concerned about our recruitment policy. Christ knows how they've come up with justification for signing the likes of Abdi, Winnall, Rhodes & Jones pal. Truly baffling.
  14. I would think that with all the ridiculous spending that's gone off, we must be close to the FFP ceiling, especially with having to 'stage' the payments for "I don't fancy it from 12 yards" Rhodes. We need to sell before we buy I would think. Also if Prem clubs come knocking for our top boys, it may be in our longer term best interests to sell sadly.
  15. What game were you watching pal? Hunt 5, Loovens 7, FF 7, Nuhiu 6. You must've been on a reyt bender before the game to come up with those ratings