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  1. I'm absolutely dreading Burton. At home on another Tuesday night. The omens aren't good for it.
  2. If we reach the playoffs then I'm very confident of us gaining promotion this way. We are better than last year and the other teams around us are not as good.
  3. Until the Brentford game we stood second in the championship form table for the last 15 games. I don't think that that is a sign of a manager or a team that has lost its way.
  4. Explain this "Tinder".......
  5. The continued abscence of Lees is a major worry for the run in. I like Loovens but I have to say I was amazed when he was offered a 3 year deal last summer. Loovens is safe and has been an amazing servant of the club but the length of the deal did surprise me, especially if we really do have premiership ambitions.
  6. He has made his point, at the top of the thread.
  7. 92/93 season we went on a crazy run.... qualified for both major finals and won 7 Premier League Games on the spin. We went from something like 12th to 4th inside of five weeks. Amazing period to be a Wednesdayite.
  8. I do hope that your not stuck in France, lost on a B Road mate!
  9. Mill of Kintyre First time I heard that at their place I nearly wet myself laughing at it..... Did they all get their scarves out YNWA style when it came on again? Forest numpties, I love beating them.
  10. Seem to remember that back in the day (around 91-92) when we first used to walk out to this, it was a longer intro with a ton of electric guitar before THAT chorus. Waterfront is our walk out tune.
  11. Service to JR was non-existent on Tuesday.
  12. For me this highlights the inadequencies of Jones as a replacement for Hutchinson and our poor recruitment in central midfield. After all, we've only been saying since Wembley that we need a big Diame-like character haven't we?
  13. Not Abdi pal....... Jones.
  14. Love balls?
  15. No, because we play 442. Tell me, do you advocate our CM's to sit so deep even when we are 'outnumbered' at home against a side in the bottom 3? We surrendered the midfield fella. Even me who "knows nowt about football" can see that.