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  1. We win our next 5 games and we are up. Forget permutations folks.....
  2. Carlos was saying to him 'hey you look a lot like that guy from the Kaiser Chiefs....... Ricky Wilson!'
  3. A bit like FF at Brighton? Get over it pal, that's sport, it's how you react to the setbacks that matter, and the boys have reacted pretty damned well.
  4. I'm a Wednesday fan and have been since 1973 pal and I am also a Chansiri supporter because he has breathed new life into our club. A club that for the previous 20 years has been rotting from the inside out. But you carry on with your idealistic crusade and let's agree to disagree.
  5. Poor comparison with Leeds who were at the time ripping fans off and had a poor squad also. Our squad is light years ahead of anything that they had during that period. You are quite right about the chairman though, he has put a load of dosh into the club, but yet you appear to be complaining about it and then insulting the guy? Very odd. Sheffield United can call themselves whatever they like pal because they know the truth and that is that we are bigger, older, and better, and that hasn't changed in nearly 150 years. As for sneering at clubs offering cheap deals, I say good luck to them because that type of thinking when clubs are saddled with FFP, is not sustainable. If Huddersfield were to go up with that kind of income for Premier League then their Birthday card man owner would be bankrupt within 6 months.
  6. Best 5: Kenwyne Jones Eric McMordie Alex Lopez Gary Hooper Joey O'Brien Worst 5 : Con Blatsis Dean Windass Mark Burchill Zigor Aranalde Jay Bothroyd
  7. No, but they've certainly offset the losses. Our wage bill must be incredibly high. Yes the ticket prices are ridiculous but then again so is a Fred Perry polo or a Superdry coat and loads of people buy that stuff. My point being is that you get what you pay for. Sure I feel sorry for people who cannot afford ST's or PATG prices but we must go with the times. Football is no longer the working mans game its a blinkin arms race! We have an amazing Chairman who is clearly shrewd (viz. The Rhodes 'loan' to stay onside with FFP), and I for one am eternally grateful for the guy dragging our great club back to being a highly respected one. He has publicly stated that for every fan who 'invests' £1, he will invest £100, and yet some people still moan!
  8. You look at the likes of Rashford, Kane, Brereton, etc, and you see that given the chance these kids can make the breakthrough... Lets hope that Hirst junior can be the next. If we are still in the championship next season then he must be a serious contender for a place in every matchday 18.
  9. Good luck buddy. Health is everything, speedy recovery!
  10. Great result, three more cup finals to come then hopefully 3 more in play offs. Brilliant from Carlos & the boys. WAWAW End of thread
  11. We had gone SEVENTEEN YEARS without a win at Loftus Rd before today.
  12. Make that the last 3........ That cross for Fletchers header at Toytown!
  13. And SIX at the end of the second. What a flunkwit!
  14. Let's not get carried away here. Hoop & Fletch were great v Toon and they worked their @rses off today too. I'd stick with those two and keep FF, JR, and AH for any plan B that will be required at Loftus Rd.
  15. If we don't go up this year I would blank off the ends of both the North and West stands to cover it up. It's an eyesore.