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  1. Such a pity that it hasn't worked out here for McGugan. A goal scoring central midfielder is what the team is missing!
  2. I really hope that his strike gives him a shot of confidence. Yesterday I thought that the axis of Wallace & Hunt was back to the standard of last season.
  3. The only way for some of the EPL owners to stop paying silly money is salary cap. 'Conservative' is not in Sheikh Mansoor or Abramovich's vocabulary me thinks.
  4. Where is the Darbaars advert on it?
  5. Problem is nowadays is that the ridiculous contracts given to players, that if teams who are relegated didn't come down with some sort of parachute money, they would simply go bust because of the drop in TV revenue. Not for one minute do I agree with parachute but unless the Premier League is salary capped then it has to continue unfortunately in my humble opinion.
  6. Westwood 7 Hunt 7 lees 8 loovens 8 pudil 6 wallace 7 hutch 9 MoM bannan 7 Reach 7 Forestieri 7 Fletcher 6 winnall 7 mcmanaman 7
  7. I thought that Wagner was very dignified when he was eliminated from X-Factor. He's certainly changed since he took up football management....
  8. In my opinion the first half was 2 well matched teams who didn't want to be the first team to concede. It is these sort of games where the first goal is absolutely key. In some ways it was like watching SWFC v SWFC i.e. Two teams running very a similar shape and philosophy. The second half was a different story, our press was excellent, we were better in possession and we got the 3 points. What's not to like?
  9. In my opinion I think CC hasn't confused any of the players. All he's done is merely confused some who post on here. The old fashioned systems that British football supporters and players were brought up on is long gone. Under Carlos we have a shape and the players work within that framework. For instance when we play out from the back we go 3-5-2, in press-defence we are 4-5-1, in attack we are 4-4-2 and the players are comfortable back-filling their mates when it necessitates it. It's not "oh he's a left winger, and he's a centre forward" anymore. Players seem very capable of filling other positions despite their "own".
  10. Some disgraceful remarks on here about Adam Reach. I'll bet it's the same idiots that booed the team off at Half Time... Good grief we've just beaten yet another close rival and people are queuing up to condemn Adam Reach. Just one question to the nay-sayers.... Is it Adam Reach's fault that we paid £5m for him? He had a solid game 7/10 for me.
  11. I criticised FF after his performance against Wolves. However he's just got a new deal, in his interview this week he was excited about contributing to our promotion bid. He was certainly "at it" last weekend at Boro, and he's won us the last two games against Udders. It's clear that he must start.
  12. Remember John Stones & Alfie Mawson???? However, Winnall & Hourihane are in the final months of their contracts and would leave for nowt in the summer!
  13. We are lucky to have him. Long may it continue.
  14. They've just bought Lookman for £10m from a badly run L1 club. It'll take the same and some more to prize young Hirst from an ambitious Championship club.
  15. It is Everton