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  1. Better than Reach
  2. Bit early to be drinking on a work day.
  3. Should he be a target this summer? At times this season, he's been missed massively. One of the most well rounded midfielders we've seen in a Wednesday shirt in a while.
  4. Des Walker
  5. Reach is a great athlete. But in a Wednesday shirt, he has shown very little to support him being a very good footballer. He works had, and always shows for the ball, but he always seems caught in two minds of what to do. He doesn't know whether to run at his man or move the ball on quickly. By the time he's decided, defenders have got cover. He reminds me very much of Daniel Jones, but at a championship level.
  6. When you look at great wing backs, they are direct and positive. Two things which Reach isn't. I'd love to see us play 3-4-3 but I think we'd need a huge overhawl to make it work. We'd need a new, quick CB, if you don't include Hutch in the 3, then two. As for Centre mids, it could fit Lee, Bannan and Abdi in nicely. Wallace is an important player for us, but he's not a right forward. If we were to play Rhodes, with Forestieri to the left, we'd need someone in the mould, quite ironically of Mcgeady, to his right.
  7. The quality of crosses Reach is putting in, is part of the reason Rhodes isn't scoring.
  8. I think Lachman is a player we could now get a fee for too. I think he's out of contract in January, but he's had a fantastic season on loan in Holland. Move on the likes of Urby, McGugan, Melo, Joao, Sougou and Nuhiu. Bring in just 3 or 4 quality players. We have a huge squad with too many stealing a wage. It needs to be refined, and build on the solid base we have. Sign players to make a team around Hooper, Lee, Lee's and Hutch. We can't just sign good players and try and shoe horn them in somewhere, like we have with Jones and Abdi.
  9. Coming with 6 points nicely gift wrapped for us.
  10. Singing "Ooohhh Sammy Sammy" after he missed a penalty, and the same for treatment for Forestieri. WE have awful fans. Fans only cheer when teams are winning. Thankfully, we have supporters. And they support, through thick and thin.
  11. Maybe that big Bottle Opener building will have it on. It is the SWFC building after all. Massive.
  12. I hope they catch up and get the play offs... At the expense of Leeds.
  13. Now we won't believe them, now we won't believe them, their not gonna win the league, not gonna win the league.
  14. Bannan is the one who pulls the strings. When he's on it, we are on it. He's not had the best season, but today he was incredible. I think having the movement of Hooper ahead of him gives him the opportunity to show his class.