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  1. Sorted... A return to the ticket office. Yay
  2., will find me as I get notification that way rather than just checking msgs on here Come on you blue and white wizards
  3. Still hoping for one !
  4. If anyone ends up with a spare ...
  5. All sorted now. Thanks Woldo !!!
  6. YES please.I have sent you a Pm
  7. Still looking.
  8. Thanks will do.
  9. whoops just checked... they got snapped up.will have to keep my eye on msgs !!! thanks for trying though
  10. If anyone ends up with a couple please msg me. Left it far too late to get our lucky seats on kop and can complete the indoctrination if my 8 year old..
  11. When I buy tickets ,I never get an email confirmation. but they always show up in my Swfc ,Account
  12. Yup , waterstones in town has it on the shelf
  13. Got it and read the lot. Very well written. Best Wednesday book I have read. It's teeth grinding hearing how some of the overseas players drew cartoons of there Wednesday life to entertain themselves. There's also a player I though was a "good guy" was a maniac with about 4 lots of violent assaults before washing up at Hillsboro.
  14. Times today Perhaps it was the sheer ferocity of the backing of 39,000 men,women and children of Sheffield gave their team that stopped Keiren Westwood's goal being breached for so long Rarely has Wembley felt such fever
  15. There's parking at the church nr Ikea,just off north circuit.10 quid.15 min walk to ground